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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Astrology Predictions for Kanya Rashi, Virgo horoscope 2010 for March 1st week

Free Astrology Predictions for Virgo, Kanya Rashi horoscope 2010 for Week 1st March 2010

The predictions for Virgo,Kanya Rashi horoscope Natives for 1st week in March 2010 is as follows:

In General the Virgo,Kanya Rashi horoscope natives may see a below average 1st week of March 2010.

On 1st March the Virgo, Kanya Rashi natives would be in problems related to health. you are also advised to drive carefully during this date. You may overspend on these days and invest in areas which would result in losses. You are advised to be extra cautious during this date and not invest money before consulting the experts.

2nd and 3rd of March the Virgo Kanya Rashi horoscope natives you would get mixed results on this day. You would try to achieve success in your professional field however there would be impediments and problems which would oppose your actions. You need to work harder and continue to strive for success.

4th and 5th of March the Virgo Kanya Rashi horoscope natives would be under mental pressure, you may get into

new projects or works, you should keep your calm on these days and take decisions after thorough study.

6th to 7th of March the Virgo Kanya Rashi horoscope natives would be in good mood, they would get financial benefits on these days. You would see a surge in your financial standing and get new sources of revenue and earnings


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