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Monday, May 23, 2011

Leo horoscope Predictions Simh Simha Rashi June 2011 Horoscope Leo Daily Weekly Horoscope Simha Rashi

Leo Planetary Positions for Leo Sign Horoscope Simh Simha Rashi horoscope Predictions

Jupiter in 9th H; Mars in 9th H till 12th and then in 10th H; Ketu in 10th H; Sun in 10th H till 15th and then in 11th H ; Venus in 10th H on 4th, in 11th H till 29th; Mercury in 10th H till 14th, then in 11th H till 28th; Saturn in 2nd H and becoming Direct on 13th; Rahu in 4th H on 6th.

Leo Sign General Predictions / Simha Rashi Rasi General Predictions

Rahu moves to the fourth house this month, this may create some problems for Leo natives, Simha Rashi natives at the home front, you may get into problems with house property and peace and calm at home may get impacted.

For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives this month would make you inclined to study more to broaden your horizons. Abstract subject like philosophy would be your interest. You would feel a strong wish to go back to school days or might visit your school.

For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives your indulgence in writing would also increase. But on the negative side, you would try to impose your learning on people which they might not like and find you unbearable. However, your inclination towards religion and spirituality this month will make you feel more energetic and happy.

The probability of completion of pending job for Leo, Simha Rashi natives is high and it would further give you some satisfaction. There will be an increase in wealth and respect in society. You may also expect some honour and favour from your seniors at workplace or by highest authority.

For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives your economic condition would improve with attainment of wealth and even gains from friends. Your social will become widened, meaning more positive results and more friend and acquaintances. Your enemies are likely to be defeated with ease.

Though things would move fine in your professional field but it is also better to keep guard and take precautions against any loss. Some of you may perform excellently in your field of working.

For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives may find that things are not moving in pace you would have expected. Be aware of taking any rash and impulsive decision, towards which you would be vulnerable during this month. Take extra cautions while handling your money and avoid taking any loans. Though income may come from several sources but you need to limit your expenses.

For Leo, Simha natives there is a possibility of spending quality and passionate time with somebody new of opposite gender. The enjoyment would further bring happiness with good food and worldly pleasures. Your personal endeavours would bring success and favourable news is on the cards.

Leo, Simha sign are also likely to enjoy time with your spouse and children. Your wit and pleasant nature would make you surrounded with people. At the same time maintain a healthy equilibrium in your marriage and avoid arguments of trivial issues with your spouse.

Simha Leo horoscope sign health would remain fine but do not neglect any bodily pain and minor or major physical ailment. Mentally you would feel strong and happy but some bouts of depression might bother you on and off. Mental anguish and restlessness might find it way in to your life during this month especially between 4th to 29th June 2011. Work hard and keep yours focus on you aims and objectives. Keep a note of whatever you are eating.

Detailed Predictions for Leo Sign Simh Simha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Leo, Simha

1st to 3rd and 28th to 30th June 2011 would be some favourable days for you. The success is expected in all your endeavours. This period may bring you a position of higher authority and accomplishment of your project at workplace. Avoid taking any impulsive and harsh decision during these days. The leo, simha natives should keep their cool during these days.

3rd to 5th June 2011 would continue your happiness and monetary gains are indicated. Family reunion and get together with friends are indicated in these days. The sensual closeness with opposite gender is also on your way.

For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives Your expenses may increase from 5th to 7th June 2011 and you need to handle your finance carefully and guard against any kind of loss during these days. You might feel mentally tires and restless. Think before you take your plan forward and avoid being impulsive.

Physical comforts of various kinds, nice clothes, perfumes and other desired worldly things will come to you more easily from 7th to 9th June 2011, A feeling of tranquillity would give you contentment and Leo, Simha natives would enjoy the good things that life has to throw to them.

Take care of your health specially eyes from 9th to 11th June 2011. The sluggish pace of development would make you feel tired and restless. You might act out of your frustrations, try to keep your mental balance.

The probability of monetary gains is indicated from 11th to 13th June 2011 the Leo, Simha Rashi natives will enjoy food, clothing and physical closeness with opposite gender. Do not become too sensitive with your emotions.

The trouble from some secret source could become cause of concern from 13th to 16th June 2011. The health of a family member or of a relative may worry you during these days. Expenses may soar because of your wrong indulgence.

For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives If you are planning to go abroad, then you have to face few obstacles before getting green signal during 16th to 18th June 2011 of this month. Control your finance or you may lose some. You may fall sick due to stomach disorder or airborne diseases.

18th to 20th June 2011 would make you happy and come out victorious over your enemies. These days would bring pleasure in your life. For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives these are the days of enjoyment and happiness.

You are likely to enjoy good and quality time with your spouse and children from 20th to 23rd June 2011. This period mostly signifies happiness and success in your endeavours.

Maintain a cordial relation with your employer, seniors or partners from 23rd to 25th June 2011. Quarrels need to be avoided at workplace and at home as well. Do not ignore any health issues even minor.

You might go through some adversities in monetary front from 25th to 28th June 2011. Avoid any arguments and disagreements even of small and trivial issues otherwise it might have the chance to become big and extended. For the Leo, Simha Rashi natives it is time to keep their cool.

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