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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cancer horoscope Predictions Karka Rashi August 2011 Horoscope Cancer Daily Weekly Horoscope Karka Rashi

Cancer Planetary Positions for Cancer Sign Horoscope Karka Rashi horoscope Predictions

Jupiter in 10th H; Ketu in 11th H; Mercury in 12th H till 17th , Retrograde on 3rd, Becoming Combust on 4th, Rising on 24th, and Direct on 26th; Mars in 12th H; Sun in Lagna till 17th; Venus in Lagna; Saturn in 3rd H; Rahu in 5th H.

Cancer Sign General Predictions / Karka Rashi Rasi General Predictions

For the Cancer Horoscope Sign, Karka Rashi native the predictions for the first half of the month would bring some noticeable changes in your workplace as well which could be temporary or permanent. Though you would get ample opportunities to move ahead in life during this whole month, but you are advised to keep a control on your language and speech while dealing with seniors, employer, business partner or people around you. The chances of developing a bad reputation at work place is foreseen before thus be extra careful with your tongue.

The Cancer, Karka natives need to put extra effort to complete your projects. Stay away from any kind of litigation as it may incur monetary loss. This month your expenses may rise thus it is advisable to control your unnecessary expenditure. Keeping a low profile and focusing on your work should be the motto during this month. You may have to serve people unwillingly after 17th.

The Karka, Cancer horoscope sign natives may also expect the annihilation of your enemies during this month. Stay away from any influence that might create a negative outburst in you. At the same time you are not denied of material comforts and gains.

The Cancer horoscope sign, Karka rashi natives would get plenty of opportunities to enjoy the exotic culinary and intimate moments with opposite sex. You are also likely to get success from new enterprise or undertakings and financial gains too. It is also a good time to profit from activities related to agriculture and poultry farms. You may feel so confident this month that you would not put an extra effort. The possibility of having relation with influential people in politic or government is also forecasted from which you would be benefited.

The cancer / Karna natives health would need extra attention as you are susceptible to stomach problems, disturbed bowel movement, discomfort in the eyes and heart related problems during this month. You are susceptible to develop mental disturbance and restlessness during this month and if you are prone to headaches then it would be also a matter of concern. Some of you may even suffer from nightmarish dreams or dream disorders. Avoid activities that are physically risky, as there is a tendency toward accidents.

On the home front, The Karka rashi, cancer horoscope sign natives need to put extra attention on avoiding disputes among family and friends. Watch your words while dealing with your near and dear ones. Try to get an extra rest to minimise irritability and mental tension. Disagreements may crop up between you and your spouse, and may affect your married life. Thus, avoid arguments with your wife, siblings and children as well. Overall harmony and peace at home could also be challenged during this month.

Detailed Predictions for Cancer Sign Karka Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Cancer, Karka

1st to 3rd August 2011 The Cancer, Karka rashi natives may feel mentally tired and take care of your eyes. Be careful with your finances and control your expenditure.

Enjoyments of achieved goals and success are on The cancer sign, karka rashi way from 3rd to 5th August 2011. You would enjoy best of food, good clothes and closeness of opposite sex during these days.

The Karka rashi, cancer horoscope natives should avoid activities which might risk your life from 5th to 9th August 2011. Expenses may also be a cause of concern. Take care of your health especially stomach related problems or indigestion may bring you discomfort. You may also feel mentally restless. If you are planning to travel you may have to face some obstacles before you get the green signals.

The Cancer sign, Karka rashi natives from 9th to 14th August 2011 you would find yourself making new friends especially with opposite sex and winning over your enemies. Increase in income and comforts of beds are also indicated during these days. You are likely to enjoy these few days with exotic food, best of clothes and other material gains. The possibility of recovering your past dues is also forecasted.

For the Cancer sign, Karka rashi natives heavy expenditure is foreseen from 14th to 19th August 2011 Avoid any kind of quarrels with people around you at workplace as well as home. Take care of your health. Keep an eye on your enemy otherwise they may bring loss of money to you. Avoid disagreements and fights with your children. However, you may perform successfully some religious or spiritual deeds.

From 19th to 24th August 2011 you are likely to attain worldly comforts and material gains. This period would assure you success in all your endeavours. You may enjoy happy and intimate moments with people of opposite sex. But try not to be impulsive and rash in your decision. Family get together or reunions of old friends are also likely on cards during these days.

The cancer sign, karka rashi natives should be cautious in handling your finances from 24th to 26th August 2011. Heavy expenditure and loss of some valuable things due to carelessness are indicated. Be careful with your decisions and while dealing with people, as you may become impulsive in your behaviour during these days. Try to avoid arguments and difference of opinion with others.

For the Cancer Sign, Karka rashi natives few favourable days are on your way from 26th to 28th August 2011. It’s a good time to enjoy the best of friends and acquaintances, especially friendships with females. These kinds of acquaintances would ensure more physical as well as emotional satisfaction to you.

From 28th to 30th August 2011 are the days when taking care of your health would be important. Keep an eye on your expenditures as you may get tempted to spend unnecessary. Avoid unnecessary fights as you would be tempted to do so than usual.

On 30th and 31st August 2011 The Cancer sign, Karka rashi would gain money or gold. You could also expect to clear your past dues during this couple of days. The worldly comforts and physical closeness with opposite sex are also foreseen.


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Thank you. I'm looking forward to Kumbha's predictions this month, especially if it's favourable month for relationships/marriage.

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