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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scorpio horoscope Predictions Vrishchika Rashi October 2011 Horoscope Scorpio Daily Weekly Horoscope Vrishchika Rashi

Scorpio Sign / Vrishchika Rashi Predictions for October 2011

Planetary Positions for Scorpio Horoscope, Vrishchika rashi horoscope in October 2011

Rahu in Lagna; Jupiter (R) in 6th H; Ketu in 7th H; Mars in 9th H and in 10th H on 30th; Saturn in 11th H; Sun in 11th and in 12th H on 17th; Mercury in 12th H on 9th and in Lagna on 29th; Venus in 12th H on 4th and in Lagna on 28th.

Detailed Predictions for Scorpio Sign Vrishchika Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Scorpio, Vrishchika

For the Scorpio , Vrishchika natives Your heavy expenditure may bother you and create a hole in your wallet on 1st and 2nd October 2011. Take care of your riches as there are chances of incurring loss due wrong indulgence of venture or you may lose some valuable things because of your own carelessness.

The Scorpio natives, Vrischika natives Be careful while dealing with people around you as you may be impulsive in your nature. Think before going forward with your plans as you may indulge in doing unjust deeds and get carried away with your power or position of authority.

Avoid any difference of opinion or arguments at home as well as at workplace. Take care of your health too.

Physical comforts of various kinds, nice clothes, perfumes and other desired worldly things will come to you more easily on 2nd and 3rd October 2011. There are chances of enjoy some sensual moments with opposite sex.

The Scorpio natives, Vrishchika rashi natives may experience appreciation from your community or at workplace which would make you feel honoured. You might be able to recover some old dues, attain financial goals and achieve progress in your undertakings.

From 3rd to 5th October 2011 and on 30th, 31st October 2011 you may feel mentally tired and exhausted. Keep an eye on your expenditures as you may get tempted to spend unnecessary.

The Scorpio natives, Vrishchika natives should Be extra careful while dealing with people and avoid unnecessary conflicts during these days. Do not act out of frustration as it may backfire on your reputations. Obstacle may come your way but it would be of temporary nature. Avoid working too hard, which could cause a build up of physical and mental fatigue. Physically you may feel down and your eyes may create problems during this particular time.

The Vrishicka natives, Scorpio natives Enjoy the achievement of desired goals and success in your endeavours for those few days, with the possibility of some recognition from others from 5th to 7th October 2011.

You may expect to clear your past dues and attain wealth and monetary success. During this time you could have the best of food, clothing and physical closeness with the opposite sex. You would feel generally happy with whatever comes to you or whatever you do.

The Scorpio Sign, Vrishchika rashi natives own health as well as of family needs utmost care from 7th to 12th October 2011. Moreover, health of your relative may bring some worries for you too. Hold on to your self-confidence and try to keep your mental equilibrium stable and balanced especially during these days.

Take control of your finances as expenses may rise due to wrong indulgence of ventures. Take care of your relationships as you might develop enmity with them. Take care of your respect in the society and at your workplace intact and avoid doing anything that may affect the same.

For the Scorpio, Vrishchika The period from 12th to 17th October 2011 may indicate attainment of honour, enjoyment of worldly comforts and exotic cuisine. You can also expect to clear or past dues or recover it and further gain wealth.

The possibility of victory over your enemies is also on cards. You would expand your friend circle and may make new friends especially of opposite sex and expect to spent happy times with them. At the same time you may go through ups and downs in speculative matters. Control your emotions and be careful with your partners.

For the Scorpio, Vrishchika rashi natives It would be wise not to get into any kind of arguments or disagreements with your employer, seniors or business partners mainly from 17th to 22nd October 2011. Unnecessary conflict must also be avoided and keep a tab on your temperament. Do not be impulsive and aggressive in your nature.

Take care of your health and do not compromise on food. Mentally you may feel tired and may also become lethargic. Expenditure should be kept under control during these days. However, you may perform some kind of religious or spiritual acts or may get involved into charitable deeds.

For the Scorpio Natives, Vrishchika natives Financial boon would bring happiness and further prospects and opportunities of gain from 22nd to 26th October 2011. You may acquire significant property.

Your endeavours would bring success to you. Your respect, status and honour in the society are likely to be elevated. Some of you may be honoured with a prestigious or unique award. . On the more personal front, this period brings you joy, happiness and good times with people of the opposite sex. Family reunions and getting together of old friends is also likely during this time.

The Vrishchika, Scorpio natives finances need to be kept well under control otherwise expenses may soar from 26th to 28th October 2011. If employed, you may find yourself having a bit of a hard time with your employer as he/she might not appreciate your work and you may feel a threat of being given less responsibilities or less pay. But do not get disheartened if your efforts and hard work do not give you the desired result at this time.

Avoid any arguments and difference of opinion with your friends and seniors during these days. Take care of your health and that of your family during this time as you may develop fever, stomach trouble and some discomfort in the eyes. Discontentment during this particular time may affect peace and harmony at home.

For the Scorpio natives, Vrishchika natives Take advantage of your knowledge and experience to pass the days from 28th to 30th October 2011. You may have to serve someone unwillingly.

Focus and concentrate on your work while keeping a low profile during these days. Control your expenditures or it may rise and create a hole in your wallet. Be flexible during this period, as you may have to make some last minute changes in your plan, project or ideas due to pressure from different quarters or due to some anticipated fear.

The Scorpio natives, Vrishchika natives should be careful while dealing with people. However, you would also get opportunities to enjoy exotic cuisine, good clothes, perfume and other worldly things. There would be time when you would spend some sensual and close moments with opposite sex.


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