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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gemini January 2012 horoscope, Gemini January 2012 Predictions, Gemini January 2012 Daily Weekly, Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rashi, Gemini Daily

Gemini January 2012 General Predictions / Mithuna Rashi Rasi Gemini January 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Gemini January 2012 Horoscope, Mithuna rashi horoscope in January 2012

Mars in 3rd H; Saturn in 5th H; Rahu in 6th H; Sun in 7th H till 14th then in 8th H; Mercury in 7th H on 4th then in 8th H on 24th; Venus in 9th H on 9th; Jupiter in 11th H; Ketu in 12th H.

Detailed Predictions for Gemini Sign Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Gemini, Mithuna

From 1st to 4th January 2012 for Gemini, Mithuna Rashi and 27th to 31st of January 2012 would bring fulfillment of your desires. You would see yourself achieving your goals and meeting your targets. Your economic would become strong and you would get new sources of earnings. There would be good profits in your business and if, employed your position would get stronger. You may get appreciation, honour or your due promotion during these days. People dealing in agriculture would produce more than they usually do. Your personal life would be much happier.

Various kind of worldly comforts, nice clothes, perfume and other materialistic pleasures would be your source of enjoyment. You are also likely to spend close and sensual moments with opposite sex. You may arrange for a party at home or may join party thrown by your friends or family. However, if you are a female you may go through some conception related trouble or may go for abortion if at all it is applicable.

From 4th to 7th January 2012 for Gemini Sign, Mithuna Rashi your expenses would increase because you would be tempted to spend on unnecessary things which might create a hole in your wallet. Be careful in lending money and in business, investment and stock options as there are chances of incurring loss. You are also likely to lose some valuable things due to your own carelessness. Difference of opinion might crop up within family and at workplace.

Think before you take forward your plans as you may and indulge in doing unjust deeds and may carried away with power or position of authority You should be careful with your language while dealing with people around you and do not become impulsive and aggressive. Your health would require attention during these days as you are susceptible to develop some infection. Your mind might become restless and you may feel distressed. At the same time you are also likely to develop a philosophical bend of mind towards life.

Your conjugal life or emotional satisfaction would get a boost mainly from 7th to 9th January 2012 for Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives The physical comforts, various kind of worldly pleasures, nice clothes, perfume and delicious food would come to you more easily and in a convenient way. The possibility of getting appreciation or some sort of recognition is also on cards. There would be improvement in your love life and you would enjoy close physical moments with opposite sex. However, do not become too sensitive than what is good for.

The Gemini horoscope, Mithuna Rashi natives may feel mentally and physically fatigue from 9th to 11th January 2012 Avoid working too hard or it might aggravate your tiredness. You need to be very careful in guarding your mental restlessness and do not act out of frustration otherwise it may damage your reputation. Unnecessary fight and arguments should be avoided to maintain peace and harmony at home as well as at workplace. Your expenditure may rise and would be a cause of concern. You might have to face obstacle in your everyday routine but stick to whatever you are doing as these would be of temporary nature.

The period from 11th to 14th January 2012 for Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives would be regarded especially well for your financial gains. You are likely to make a considerable amount of money from your trade or profession. If employed you would achieve success and may get your due promotion or appreciation which further would boost your self-confidence. You may able to deal with your past obstacle or confusion and may get relieved from it too. Some of you may acquire valuable ornaments during these days. Your enemies would get defeated. However, avoid long distance travel or travelling abroad as this may not bring you the desired results.

From 14th to 18th January 2012 for the Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives denotes mainly trouble with health matters. Generally there would be slight decline in your health which could be a cause of concern. Moreover, health of your family member or of a relative would also make you worry. Mentally you need to keep up spirit high as you may feel restless, agitated and doubtful of people around you. Your expenses may increase due to wrong indulgence or because of unknowing expenditures and may further incur loss. For some this period may bring professional turmoil or you may see a sort of disruption. You need to be very careful while speaking to your colleagues, employer and business partners. Avoid major investments during this time. Your relationship with your spouse and children may also get strained.

The victory over your enemies is assured during the period from 18th to 27th January 2012 for Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives You would further expand your friend or social circle. Some of you may try a new line of work which you had earlier abandoned. Students would become successful and follow a disciplined routine during these days. At the same time you may feel physical pain or bodily weakness. There could be some incidence of intestinal or nerve disorder may crop up or could be bile related problem would surface and make you feel sick.

For the Gemini Natives, Mithuna Rashi natives Though there would be good inflow of money but you need to keep an eye on your outflow of capital and unnecessary expenditures. You need to be very careful with your language while speaking to your spouse, children and business partners. If not handled properly then you may develop communication gap and relation may get strained. You would find difficult in executing your plans and may not yield desired results. There could be change in work you do or may have to travel for work against your wish.

However, the Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives are not denied of various comforts of life and other worldly pleasures. Even physical closeness with opposite sex is also on cards. Some of you may change your wardrobe with a new set of apparels. Some of you may perform auspicious deeds or may participate actively in charitable activities which would bring a sense of satisfaction.


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