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Friday, May 4, 2012

Kanya Rashi May 2012 horoscope, Kanya May 2012 Predictions, Virgo May 2012 Daily Weekly, Kany Rashi, Kanya Rasi, Virgo Daily

Kanya Rashi May 2012 General Predictions / Kanya Rashi Rasi Virgo May 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Virgo May 2012 Horoscope, Kanya rashi horoscope in May 2012
Mercury in 8th H on 5th, in 90h H on 21st, setting on 16th; Venus in 9th H and Retrograde on 15th; Mars in 12th H; Saturn ( R ) in 2nd H and then in Lagna on 16th; Rahu in 3rd H; Ketu in 9th H; Jupiter in 8th H and then in 9th H on 17th, Setting on 2nd and Rising on 30th;  Sun in 9th H on 14th.

Detailed Predictions for Virgo Sign  Kanya Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Virgo, Kanya

1st, 2nd and 27th to 30th signifies suffering and bodily pain. You are required to concentrate on health related issues mainly of your eyes and feet. You may suffer from a disturbed sleep and dream disorder. Mentally you would remain restless and anguished.  Your professional life would be strenuous and loads of hard work would be necessary to achieve your target. Your expense may get haywire and you might face shortage of funds. Maintain a congenial relation with people at home and avoid any arguments with them. Do not do anything that might harm your respect and position in the society. You may get chance to travel but it would not bring desired results. Stay away from aggressive and impulsive behavior. You enemies need to be handled carefully.
2nd to 4th would bring taste of luscious food which may come more easily than usual. You would enjoy various kinds of materialistic pleasures, good clothes, perfume and closeness with opposite sex. You may expect some sort of appreciation or admiration from the public or at workplace. You are also likely to achieve triumph and attain prosperity during these days. Your enemies would not bother you and things would run smoothly. Mentally you would remain much contended and joyful. However, do not become too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you.
4th to 6th your expenses would be high though your income may come from various sources.  You may become lavish and over spending on unnecessary thing may disturb your fiscal balance. Avoid disputes relating to property owned by your parents as this may cause unhappiness or spoil your pride. Do not become reckless in your behavior and carefully deal with people around you. An affable relation with your employer, seniors and people in professional circle would be beneficiary. Avoid getting into conflicts and arguments. Your known enemies may be a cause of botheration. If you remain focused then you might do well in writing and speech projects. You health would require attention especially your eyes, face and neck. Those who have thyroid may go through irregular level. Mentally you may feel bushed and fidgety. Keep a control on your speech otherwise it may increase your mental distaste.
6th to 8th would bring attainment unexpected wealth and admiration. You may consider buying land or fixed property. You would accomplish your target and get success in your undertaking. You would like to work secretly in a project. You might also manipulate people to take out works. There is a possibility of appreciation because of your works done. Your siblings would be encouraging and accommodating. These days signify gains in respect to your finance, which would increase or you would earn profits in your venture. You would take pleasure in best of food, nice clothes and close sensual companionship of opposite sex. There is a possibility that your source of enjoyment could a secret one. Your communication and associations with people would remain pleasant and good. You would be spiritually inclined and may get involved in spiritual actives. The short time desires would be fulfilled and some of you may go for short voyage.
8th to 13th would give rise to your expenses which could be due to wasteful spending or indulgence in erroneous venture. This might give you a trying time in regards to your economic condition. Your health might create some problems or you may develop issues related to your chest and abdomen region. One of your close relatives or mother or children may also develop some health related issue which would be a cause of concern. Keep your psychological equilibrium stable and do not act out of frustration otherwise it may hinder or damage your reputation. Control your speech and refined your language while dealing with people both at workplace and at home. You may have to face obstacles and dissatisfaction in your endeavour. Stay away from any activities which might endanger your respect and reputation in the society.
13th to 17th would bring defeat for your enemies. You may expect to get victory over them and further gains are indicated. This period would bring positive changes in your life. You would be able to complete your target and achieve success in your work. Some sort of recognition and fame may come you’re your society.  You may also expect gains in your ventures. You may also recover your stuck up money. You would enjoy all comforts of materialistic world, nice clothes and delicious food. The close and sensual company of opposite sex would further increase your happiness. The peace and synchronization of your mind would be restored during these days.
17th to 22nd would bring obstruction and interruption in your field of work. You need to take extra care in avoiding disappointment with your employer. There are chances of false charges or blame game which might put you in a situation of humiliation. You would face hurdles while venturing into something new. The earlier problems might keep dragging but you would see little improvements. Financial situation would remain taxing for you and would find difficulties in recovering past dues. Take precautions and carefully deal with your unessential expenses otherwise it would spoil your financial graph. You may experience intimate relation with your partner or spouse but try to uphold an emotional distance during this period. Your health requires utmost care and attention. You may develop problems related to your external sexual organ, thighs and hips. There could be clash of opinions with your spouse’s family, brother’s wife, wife’s brother, children, grand children and younger siblings. Misunderstandings with your spiritual or religious leader may also crop up. You would find yourself in conflicting thoughts related to religion, spiritualism and common beliefs. However, you would get opportunities to do charitable deeds.
22nd to 27th your income would increase and also expect financial gains in your business enterprise. You may recover your past dues and achieve success in struck up deals. People dealing in agriculture may produce more than usual. At personal front you would make new friends or widen your circle. You would be gained from your elder sibling and associations with people as general. The relation with son’s wife and elder siblings would remain supportive and good. There could be some sort of get together with friends or family members. You would get to enjoy delicious food and other worldly comforts. Mentally you would remain unperturbed and cheerful.
On 30th and 31st you might feel lazy in doing your work. There would be financial pressure and you might find it hard to focus yourself on things related to your life in general. Health issues would keep you worrying. You might get headache or pain in forehead.  Sustain a congenial relation with people at home and at work place.


Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of your site and definitely can relate to what you quote for kanya rashi... I am a kanya rashi hasta nakshatra born on may 22 83

Over the past 3 years, although my salary and job roles have increased significantly , the risk to reward ratio is very minimal. There is a constant struggle at work place and dealing with a few unwanted issues over the past couple of weeks

Although I anxiously await to see light at the end of the tunnel there any in the near future... Your response is extremely appreciated

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