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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simha Rashi June 2012 horoscope, Simha June 2012 Predictions, Leo June 2012 Daily Weekly, Simhas Rashi, Simha Rasi, Leo Daily

Simha Rashi June 2012 General Predictions / Simha Rashi Rasi Leo June 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Leo June 2012 Horoscope, Simha rashi horoscope in June 2012
Mars in Lagna and in 2nd H on 21st; Saturn in 2nd H and Direct on 25th; Rahu in 4th H; Ketu in 10th H; Jupiter in 10th H; Venus in 10th H, Sets on 2nd, Rising on 11th and Direct on 27th; Mercury in 11th H on 4th, in 12th H on 21st.

Detailed Predictions for Leo Sign  Simha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Leo, Simha

From 1st to 3rd and 28th to 30th of June 2012 for simha rashi natives, simh horoscope sign, leo sign natives would bring accomplishment of work you do. You would accomplish your target and get success in your undertaking. There is a possibility of acknowledgment because of your works done. You would remain courageous during this time. Your siblings would be empathetic and cooperative. Gains are also indicated in respect to your finance, which would increase or you would earn profits in your venture. You would enjoy best of food, nice clothes and close sensual companionship of opposite sex. Your communication and links with people would remain pleasant and good. The short time desires would be fulfilled and some of you may go for short tour.

June 2012 for simha rashi natives, simh horoscope sign, leo sign natives from 3rd to 7th would not be very positive for your health. You may suffer from various ailments related to chest, lungs, heart and organ of abdomen. Take care of health of your mother, children and younger siblings. Moreover health of your close relative could be a cause of concern.  You may feel the urge to get into doing illegitimate or illicit activities. Take extra cautions in handling matters related to your land and property. You may face loss of money due to wrong company. Journey of any kind may lead to an accident where you may lose your vehicle or your valuable things. You may have to face several barrier and challenges in your field of work and in the life in general. Your expenses may get climb high and mentally you may remain worried and fidgety. You might solve one problem but soon after another problem would crop up. You also need to preserve your respect and reputation.  Try to keep the atmosphere at home peaceable and conducive.

For 7th to 11th June 2012 for Simha, Simh, Leo sign horoscope would bring defeat for your enemies. You may expect to get victory over them and further gains are indicated. This period would bring positive changes in your life. You would be able to accomplish your target and achieve success in your work. Some sort of gratitude and fame may come your way within your society.  You may also expect gain in your ventures. You may also recover your stuck up money. You would enjoy all comforts of materialistic world, nice clothes and delicious food. The close and sensual company of opposite sex would further increase your happiness. The peace and harmony of your mind would be restored during these days.

June 2012 from 11th to 16th for Simha, Simh, Leo sign you may have to face obstacle in your day to day life. You would feel troubled due to heavy expenses and pecuniary challenges. Handle your money carefully as you may suffer loses. You may find it difficult in recovering your past dues and might consider in closing a deal due to obstacles. This is the period when you would easily get wrapped into arguments and conflicts, so maintain a pleasant relation with your employer or seniors at workplace. Recklessness and assertiveness needs to be kept under control, do not get carried away with your level of energy. Your enemies would keep bothering you. You might have to handle some issues related to your spouse’s family. Your health needs concentration especially with your external sexual organ, thighs and hips. Some of you may suffer from stomach disorder.  Health of your children or grandchildren may also become a cause of concern. However, you would get a sense of fulfillment in performing some religious or spiritual deeds or you may participate in charitable activities.

From 16th to 21st of June 2012 for Simha, Simh Sign, Leo horoscope sign denotes a mixed result for you. There would be problem related to your work, family and health. You may suffer loss in your ventures which could be due to wrong company.  You might have to work in a conflicting environment and would find it difficult to concentrate on one thing. There are chances of job change during these days. Politicians would find it hard to maintain their name and fame. Number of your enemies might increase and keep you worried. Your health problems might surface at this time especially related to your knee and spine. Cautiously handle your near and dear ones and avoid any conflicts and arguments with them. Mentally you may remain anguished, irritated and agitated. But at the same time you would see some sort of improvement or progress in your field of work. Probability of sudden profit is not ruled out at this time. You are not denied of worldly comforts like exotic food, good clothes and close company of opposite sex. However, try to keep an emotional distance with your spouse.

21st to 24th June 2012 for simha rashi natives, simh horoscope sign, leo our expenses would remain high due to over spending in order to live a comfortable life. Carefully handle any ventures related to your finance in this phase. Keep a tight control on your speech and be sensible while dealing with people around you. Your enemies might try to put you in a situation of humiliation. Stay away from any sort of litigation as there could be loss of money. Whether in trade or in your profession you may have to face few setbacks during these days. Extra hard work and efforts would be required to accomplish your task at workplace or in your field of profession. You need to maintain your status and respect in the society and do not do anything that might your reputation.  Take care of your health especially feet and eyes. Avoid any activities that might prove risky for your life. Safety should be your first priority during this period. Mentally you would remain restless and discontented.

June 2012 from 24th to 26th for the Simha Rashi, Simh rashi, leo sign would bring taste of delicious culinary which may come more easily than usual. You would enjoy various kinds of money-oriented pleasures, good clothes, perfume and proximity with opposite sex. You may expect some sort of admiration or honour from the public or at workplace. You are also likely to achieve triumph and attain wealth during these days. Your enemies would not bother you and things would run smoothly. Mentally you would remain much contended and idyllic. However, do not become too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you.

26th to 28th of June 2012 for the Simha, Simh, leo horoscope sign would be a low phase in your respective profession. You may face obstruction and hurdles in achieving your target and there could be a possibility of several unpleasant happening at workplace. Stay away from any arguments and be careful with your words while speaking. Your enemies may bother you during these days. If you do not deal with things sensibly then there are chances that you might create new enemies. Avoid disputes of any kind related to your parent’s property. Manage your finances very vigilantly otherwise you may suffer loss. Inflow of money may come from various sources but you would find it hard to sustain it, so it would be wise to set a perimeter of your expenses. You may develop negative emotions towards other and mentally may feel restless and anguished. Control your impulsive and aggressive behavior in every aspect of life. You may get involved with bad company or wicked people and may develop criminal tendencies. Maintain an amiable relation with your family members and your parental families as you would be easily get into quarrels with them. Pay attention to health related issues especially of your eyes, all organ of face, neck and thyroid level.


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