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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gemini horoscope Predictions Mithuna Rashi September 2011 Horoscope Gemini Daily Weekly Horoscope Mithuna Rashi

Gemini Sign / Mithuna Rashi

Gemini Planetary Positions for Gemini Sign Horoscope Mithuna Rashi horoscope Predictions

Mars in 2nd H on 9th; Mercury in 3rd H on 4th then in 4th H on 22nd and combust on 16th; Sun in 4th H on 17th; Saturn in 4th H and becoming combust on 22nd; Venus in 4th H on 10th; Rahu in 6th H; Jupiter in 11th H; Ketu in 12th H.

Gemini Sign General Predictions / Mithuna Rashi Rasi General Predictions

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives This month would bring you new sources of income and your economical condition would be strong.

There would be chances of promotion or honour from employer or authorities. Thus, in context to your career you may see a positive boost and progress mainly in the first half of this month.

The Gemini Sign, Mithuna rashi natives would feel highly energetic and further would be able to bring in your experience to resolve problems and overcome possible obstruction from adversaries.

For the Gemini, Mithuna rashi Although, there are good things stored for you but at the same time you need to keep yourself away from arguments and disagreements with your seniors, co-workers and business partners.

Financial gains are also on cards but handle your money with cautions and focus on safety of your valuables.

The Gemini horoscope sign, mithuna rashi natives may see a good income from property mainly after 10th. But in second half of this month you would find some decline in your status or popularity.

It would be hard to concentrate on constructive thoughts. Be aware of your hidden and old enemies and avoid creating new ones during this month, thus think before you utter your words for people. At times you might develop some jealousy towards others.

The Gemini Sign, Mithuna Rashi natives are likely to enjoy good food, clothes, perfume, and close company with opposite sex during this month. But your health would make you worry mainly in the second half of this month.

Mostly mental unrest, fear or confusion would bring in some physical problems. Some of you are likely to develop lethargy, stomach discomfort, flatulence and other minor ailments.

Your wife and children also may suffer from some physical problems and they would be susceptible to diseases.

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives It would be better if you stay away from any kind of quarrels with your spouse or partner during this month otherwise it can lead to a big one mainly in the second half of this month.

You are also likely to befriend some wicked people and get involved in quarrels with your family and dear ones.

Detailed Predictions for Gemini Sign Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Gemini, Mithuna

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives From 1st to 3rd and 27th to 30th September 2011 generally signifies obstacles in everyday life. If you are planning to travel then you might have to go through some hurdle before getting a green signal.

Your health needs attention, problems related to stomach or indigestion or airborne diseases might disturb you. Take control of your finances as you may lose some money or may incur loss in your venture.

Consciously try to keep grief, unnecessary fear and mental agony at bay. Try to keep your mental equilibrium stable and balanced especially at this time.

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives From 3rd to 8th September 2011 you would find happiness and success in all your endeavours. There would be comforts of bed, worldly comforts, best of foods, clothes and perfume.

Further enjoyment may come from a hidden source for some of you mainly between 3rd to 5th September 2011. Financial gains are also indicated. You may able to gain from your enemies and further can make new friends of opposite sex. These days could be termed as overall favourable and good days but be aware of not getting too sensitive.

For the Gemini, Mithuna rashi Heavy expenses might arise and would bring problems for you from 8th to 13th September 2011. Maintain a cordial relation with your employer, seniors, business partners or co-workers during these days as you may find yourself wrapping in such situations.

Take care of your health as you are susceptible to stomach disorder or respiratory problems. Be gentle with your joints too. Mentally you may go through unrest or have unnecessary fear.

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives You would find yourself enjoying worldly pleasure, exotic cuisine, best of clothes, perfume, and comforts of bed during the days from 13th to 18th September 2011.

You may expect to get promotion, honour or appreciation at workplace. You may able to attain stuck up deals during these days. Monetary gains are also on cards. But remember not to overdo things.

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives From 18th to 20th September 2011 you need to handle your finances with extreme care otherwise you may lose some valuable things because of your carelessness.

Heavy expenditure would also bring worries for you. Try to keep yourself away as much as possible from difference of opinion and arguments with people around you.

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives Again few good and favourable days are indicated from 20th to 22nd September 2011 which would bring some moments of happiness and enjoyments of material comforts for you whether it’s regarding clothes, perfume or other worldly things. Close physical company of opposite sex are also on cards.

For the Gemini Sign horoscope natives, Mithuna Rashi natives do not be too aggressive or impulsive with your finances from 22nd to 25th September 2011 as you may be tempted towards unnecessary or extra expenditure. Carefully guard against your mental tendencies and avoid arguments or anxieties. You may feel physically and mentally fatigue.

Enjoy the achievements of your desired goals and success from 25th to 27th September 2011, chances are that you would make friends with the opposite sex and have a very good time with them. These days would also bring good fortune on the monetary front and overall signifies fortunate.


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