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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leo horoscope Predictions Simha Rashi September 2011 Horoscope Leo Daily Weekly Horoscope Simha Rashi

Leo Sign / Simha Rashi

Leo Planetary Positions for Leo Sign Horoscope Simha Rashi horoscope Predictions

Mercury in Lagna on 4th then in 2nd H on 22nd and combust on 16th; Sun in 2nd H on 17th; Saturn in 2nd H and becoming combust on 22nd; Venus in 2nd H on 10th; Rahu in 4th H; Jupiter in 9th H; Ketu in 10th H; Mars in 12th H on 9th.

Leo Sign General Predictions / Simha Rashi Rasi General Predictions

For Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives during this month you would feel energetic and happy and all your pending work would be successfully done.

With an overview at work place you would get projects which would bring you benefits in future. Although, there would be lots of opportunities but it would bring few huddles and difficulties.

For Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives You might see a permanent or a temporary change at workplace mainly in the first half of this month.

You may feel irritated and prone to disagreements at workplace. You need to control your finances otherwise would go through monetary challenges in the second half.

The Leo Sign Sign, Simha Rashi may feel at risk of cheated or experience anxieties with no apparent reason. Be ready to make few last moment changes in your plans, projects and works due pressure from different quarters or in anticipation of some fear.

If measures are not taken, some of you may even risk your position at work and be humiliated and dishonoured.

For the Leo Sign, Simha Rashi stay away from any kind of arguments. Conflicts with enemies should be avoided otherwise might create some new ones.

However, you may hear praises, good names, success and accomplishment of projects too. If you do not control your expenses then would see a big hole in your wallet.

For the Leo Sign, Simha Rashi obstructions may crop up related to foreign residence, if applicable. Be careful in harming others and beware of criminal tendencies.

Avoid disputes relating to property owned by your parents as this may cause damage to your reputation. You would be inclined towards religion and spirituality.

The Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives health needs attention. Avoid any kind of activities which include physical risk to your life. You may suffer from bodily pain during this month. You may develop problems related to eyes and stomach. Take care of your feel as well.

For the Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives may face problem at home front you need to control your irritability to maintain peace and harmony. Take care of yourself and family as you may be susceptible to deception during this phase.

For the Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives along with this you are not denied of success in the affairs of love.

There would be ceremonies and get together at home too mainly after 10th September 2011. You would see yourself enjoying the company of opposite sex. If applicable you may expect a baby in your family.

Detailed Predictions for Leo Sign Simha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Leo, Simha

For the Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives you would enjoy the achievements of your desired goal from 1st to 3rd September 2011 and on 29th, 30th September 2011.

These days would bring monetary gains. Generally you would feel happy and satisfaction. There would be moments with opposite sex which would bring you further happiness.

From 3rd to 8th the Simha Rashi, Leo Sign natives may feel mentally restless and would be doubtful about people around you. Try to maintain your mental equilibrium stable and balance.

You may go through obstacles and cross few hurdles in things you do. Keep an eye on your expenses otherwise it may soar. Your health problems related to stomach may bother you. You are also susceptible to some airborne disease.

For the leo, Simha natives From 8th to 13th September 2011 would give you chances to attain victory over your enemies. You would gain financially and achieve success during these days.

It is also likely that you may expand your friend circle and make some new friends which could be from opposite sex.

For the Leo Sign, Simha Rashi natives you are susceptible to get wrapped into quarrels with people at workplace and well as at home mainly from 13th to 18th September 2011, You may find monetarily challenging as your expenses may seem to rise in this period.

For the Leo Sign, Simha rashi natives you might have to go through some pressure, whatsoever avoid any kind of arguments with your employer, seniors, co-workers as well as business partners. Take care of your health. However, make sure that you do not overdo things during these days.

For the Leo Sign, Simha rashi natives you would see success in all your endeavors mainly from 18th to 22nd September 2011. There would be an increase in income or financial gains lending and borrowing should be kept under check mainly from 18th to 20th September 2011.

You may also expect honor and promotion if it is due. These days would bring worldly pleasure, comforts of bed and physical closeness with opposite sex.

The Simha Rashi, Leo Sign natives the heavy expenditure may bother you a lot and would further bring mental unrest from 22nd to 25th September 2011. Do not be impulsive or you may lose some of your valuable things due to carelessness during these days.

Be careful while you would have tendency or tempted to get wrapped in differences of opinion with others. Try to avoid being aggressive.

For the Simha Rashi, Leo Sign natives You would find some favorable days again from 25th to 27th September 2011 which would bring comforts of life, enjoyment of exotic food and other worldly pleasure. You would share an excellent relation with opposite sex and happy days.

The Simha Rashi, Leo Sign natives might develop a tendency to spend on unnecessary things and further will increase your expenses from 27th to 29th September 2011.

Obstacle may come up at workplace but stick on as these are of temporary nature. A general feeling of discontentment may prevail during these days.


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