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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aquarius horoscope Predictions Kumbha Rashi December 2011 Horoscope Aquarius Daily Weekly Horoscope Kumbha Rashi

Aquarius Sign General Predictions / Kumbha Rashi Rasi General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Aquarius Horoscope, Kumbha rashi horoscope in December 2011

Jupiter (r) in 3rd H and becoming direct on 26th; Ketu in 4th H; Mars in 7th H; Saturn in 9th; Rahu in 10th H; Sun in 10th H till 16th then 11th H; Mercury in 10th H, rising on 11th and direct on 14th; Venus in 11th H till 15th and then in 12th H.

Detailed Predictions for Aquarius Sign Kumbha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Aquarius, Kumbha

For the Aquarius horoscope sign, Kumbha rashi natives 1st to 3rd December 2011 and 28th to 31st December 2011 mostly denotes good and favourable time for you. Delicious and exotic food would come to you in most convenient way than usually it does. You would also enjoy various kinds of physical comforts, nice clothes, perfumes and other worldly pleasures. It would be the best time to enjoy with friends, acquaintances when they would ensure you both emotional and physical satisfactions. There would be improvement in your love relationship too. You may experience appreciation from your community or at the workplace that make you feel honoured. This period could also signify a good few days financially.

For the Aquarius horoscope sign, Kumbha rashi natives 3rd to 6th December 2011 mainly denotes tiredness and expenditures. You need to keep an eye on your financial matters and avoid spending on unnecessary things as you may get tempted to do the same. Though obstacle may come but do not worry and keep focused as this would be of temporary nature. Stay away from fights and conflicts and try not to act out of frustration or stress during this period. Physically and mentally you may feel fatigue and your eyes may create problems. Moreover, this time may see you not enjoying your food as much as you used to.

For the Aquarius horoscope sign, Kumbha rashi Success would come in all your endeavours from 6th to 8th December 2011. You would feel generally happy with whatever comes to you or whatever you do. You may enjoy the achievement of goals and would get desired results during this time. With the attainment of wealth you may clear your past dues. During this time you could have the best of food, clothing and physical closeness with the opposite sex.

For the Aquarius horoscope sign, Kumbha rashi natives The period from 8th to 11th December 2011 would bring mixed results. You would earn great benefits through your education, and which will also be good for his business. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. New avenues for investment & profitable ventures will open up. At the same time your expenses may soar and your wrong indulgence may affect your venture. Be careful with your money. You are also likely to be transferred to a place that doesn’t interest you much. Finances would require your focused attention or else you may lose some of them. Health could be a matter of concern during this particular time. You are likely to develop sleep disorders, which could also be a result of your constant worries. Health of your parents would require attention as well and avoid any life-risking task during this period. Mentally you may feel restless and doubtful of everybody around you. Consciously try to keep grief, unnecessary fear and mental agony at bay. Take care, so that your respect in the society and in your workplace is intact and avoid doing anything that may affect the same.

Aquarius horoscope sign, Kumbha rashi The period from 13th 18th December 2011would help to win over your enemies. There could be moments when you would see yourself enjoying exotic food, good clothes, perfume, other worldly pleasures and closeness with opposite sex. However, avoid any misunderstanding that may crop up due to hypothetical differences between you and your spouse. If not handled tactfully, this may lead to a big quarrel between the two of you. You may suffer from excess mental worry due to a health problem to yourself, your spouse and your near and dear ones. You are likely to feel fatigued and susceptible of developing eye discomfort, stomach ache and discomfort in your chest. You may also have to take care of your spouse’s health. Watch your behaviour, as you are susceptible of using bad words and being wrathful towards your siblings or children. Financially this could be a good time for you and could expect gains in your venture. Some of you may also be able to recover your stuck up money during this period. But your outflow of money needs a tight watch. Some of you may lose some of your riches due to your unnecessary indulgence in a competition. Curtail your spending sprees and ensure a steady incoming of good food and clothing during this period.

For Aquarius, Kumbha Rashi Some of you are likely to go through a trying time from 18th to 22nd December 2011. You may have to work hard or may be transferred. Beware of anything that might defame you at work or in society. It might take longer than usual to gain any rewards. There are chances of getting deceived by your enemies and employees during this period. Finances also require proper handling, so avoid indulging into wasteful expenditure. You may get opportunities to earn extra money but would face many obstacles before achieving success. Avoid any kind of litigation, criminal activities or immoral deeds. Some of you may face criminal proceedings. Your health needs extra care and attention at this time. Mentally you may feel restless and distressed, mostly due to matters relating to your spouse and children. Your children also require medical attention. However, you may feel the urge to do some spiritual deeds or may actively participate in charitable activities.

Aquarius horoscope sign, Kumbha rashi natives Professionally the days from 22nd to 26th December 2011 would be very good and successful for you. You will rise in your position at the work place, and get unexpected benefits from your superiors or authorities. Financially, this could be a good time for you. The success in your endeavors will be gainful and you may expect other monetary gain as well. You could also expect profit in trade and attainment of wealth and even gains from your friends during this phase. Some of you may also expect to spend some passionate time with someone new of the opposite sex. Possibility of gain from this person is also indicated. Your social prestige would see a rise and you would gain more honour in your neighbourhood. You may become socially more active and may get involved in social welfare work. This period also signifies the commencement of some spiritual constructive deed at your home leading to even more happiness.

The Aquarius natives, Kumbha rashi natives The period from 26th to 28th December 2011 indicates a mixed bag of positive and negative happenings. On one hand this period signifies financial gain and on the other, it also denotes some unforeseen losses of wealth and clothing. There would be unnecessary expenditure and wastage of money could be on a trip to a foreign country. Try to stay away from sharp weapons and doubtful people. You would get attracted to luxury and may spend on good attire. For some there could be possibility of theft. However, at home you would enjoy conjugal bliss. If unmarried, you may expect to savour some sensual pleasure with member of the opposite sex. Friends would be good to you and would be cooperative and helpful towards you.


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