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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sagittarius horoscope Predictions Dhanu Rashi December 2011 Horoscope Sagittarius Daily Weekly Horoscope Dhanu Rashi

Sagittarius Sign General Predictions / Dhanu Rashi Rasi General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Sagittarius Horoscope, Dhanu rashi horoscope in December 2011

Venus in Lagna till 15th and then in 2nd H; Jupiter (r) in 5th H and becoming direct on 26th; Ketu in 6th H; Mars in 9th H; Saturn in 11th; Rahu in 12th H; Sun in 12th H till 16th then Lagna; Mercury in 12th H, rising on 11th and direct on 14th.

Detailed Predictions for Sagittarius Sign Dhanu Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Sagittarius, Dhanu

For the Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi There would a possibility of getting recognition from others during 1st to 3rd December 2011 and 28th to 31st of December 2011. You may enjoy the achievement of desired goals and success in your endeavours. You may expect to clear your past dues and further attain wealth and monetary success. During this time you could have the best of food, clothing and physical closeness with the opposite sex. You would feel generally happy with whatever comes to you or whatever you do.

For the Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi The period from 3rd to 8th December 2011 would mostly bring problems and negative results related to your health. Hence, utmost care is required when it comes to your own health. Moreover, the health of a family member or a relative may worry you during this particular time. You may feel doubtful of people around you and mentally you would be restless. You need to consciously keep you grief and unnecessary fear at bay. You may even feel disgusted when you see that fruits of your hard work have been taken away by your friends. Take control of your finances as you may lose some money or may incur loss in your venture. Your expense may also rise during this time. Take care of your respect and position at workplace. Watch out and avoid anything that may make you unstable in your temperament.

For the Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi Comforts of bed, attainment of honour, worldly comfort, and enjoyment of exotic cuisine are likely to come to you from 8th to 13th December 2011. You may go ahead and grab that object of your desire as you could be successful. This is a fortunate time for fiscal gains. You may also see victory over your enemies and further gain from them. Moreover, this period could also be favourable for you to make new friends of the opposite sex. This is the time when you can expect to get your share of fame and recognition in the society or at workplace. Tranquillity of the mind would be restored and you would feel more at peace with yourself and with your family. There could be some auspicious happening at home. However, there are possibilities of accidents thus, take care of yourself.

For the Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi The period from 13th to 18th December 2011 mostly signifies ill- health and suffering due to ailments. This period makes you suffer from minor to major physical ailments and bodily pain. During this time, you are susceptible to dehydration and weakness or decayed physical power. You may also suffer from muscle pain and wounds caused by some weapon. Your professional life would require proper handling and more hard work. Some of you may also have to work in an uncomfortable work environment for a while. Keep an eye for disguised foes within your near and dear ones. Finances would need better care and guarding, as you are likely to lose some during this particular time. However, you would develop the urge to perform some spiritual or religious activities or may participate in charitable deeds.

For the Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi You may get profits in your profession, trade or business from 18th to 22nd December 2011. This financial boon will bring happiness and many opportunities for further gain. Some of you may acquire some property or may earn from it. . Those in businesses relating to building materials, coal, leather etc. may look forward to even greater profits. If employed, you are very likely to be promoted to a position of higher authority. Your employees and helpers will be positive in their behaviour towards you. This would be conducive time to pursue higher studies. Your respect, status and honour in the society are likely to be elevated. Some of you may be honoured with a prestigious or unique award. You would experience pleasant relationships with the opposite sex.

For the Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi The period from 22nd to 24th December 2011 means expenses for you. Your outflow of money would higher than your inflow particularly during this period. Control your unnecessary spending to avoid hole in your wallet. Think before you indulge into any venture or investments as this may incur loss for you. Stay away from litigations as this may also cause some loss of money. Moreover, you may also have to work extra hard to accomplish any of the task undertaken by you. Some of you may change their job or sudden unexpected transfer may happen. Beware of your enemies and stay out of their way in order to avoid any humiliation. Hold on to your respect and try and keep your honour in the society. You may feel mentally disturb and restless due to several reasons. Your health may need your focused attention during this time. Attend to any physical complaint immediately as you are likely to develop diseases of chronic nature.

The Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi The time from 24th to 28th December 2011 would bring noticeable change in your life. There could be a permanent or temporary change in your work. You may have to deal your superior tactfully as there are chances of you getting into bad books of employer. You may feel more irritable, tired and prone to have disagreements. To complete the tasks on hand or to meet your set objectives may take more effort than usual. Some of you may go for long trips, but it might not bring you the desired results. Your health would need extra attention as you are susceptible to stomach problems, disturbed bowel movement, discomfort in the eyes and heart related problems during this time. Avoid activities that are physically risky, as there is a tendency toward accidents. However you are not denied of comforts of bed, enjoyment of delicious food, good clothes, perfume and other worldly pleasures. You would also get moments of close and sensual time with opposite sex. Personally, you are likely to acquire great attire and accessories including precious gems for yourself. Your interest in art and music would increase. Your expenses may increase and give a rough time if not handle carefully. Some of you may also expect some favour from the higher authorities or the government.


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