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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meena Rashi April 2012 horoscope, Meena April 2012 Predictions, Pisces April 2012 Daily Weekly, Meen Rashi, Meenas Rasi, Pisces Daily

Meena Rashi April 2012 General Predictions / Meena Rashi Rasi Pisces April 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Pisces April 2012 Horoscope, Meena rashi horoscope in April 2012

Sun in Lagna and in 2nd H on 13th; Mercury in 12th H on 2nd, Direct on 4th and then in Lagna on 6th; Jupiter in 2nd H; Ketu and Venus in 3rd H; Mars in 6th H and Retrograde till 14th; Saturn (R) in 8th H; Rahu in 9th H.

Detailed Predictions for Pisces Sign Meena Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Pisces, Meena

For 1st to 3rd April 2012 and 25th to 28th April 2012 for the Pisces Sign horoscope, Meena rashi horoscope would give rise to your expenses which could be due to wasteful spending or indulgence in wrong venture. This might give you a trying time in regards to your economic condition. Your health might create some problems or you may develop issues related to your chest and abdomen region. One of your close relatives or mother or children may also develop some health related issue which would be a cause of concern. Keep your mental equilibrium stable and do not act out of frustration otherwise it may hamper or damage your reputation. Control your speech and refined your language while dealing with people both at workplace and at home. You may have to face obstacles and disappointments in your endeavours. Stay away from any activities which might endanger your respect and honour in the society.

For April 2012 3rd to 7th Pisces horoscope, Meena rashi horoscope denotes good times. You would see yourself gaining wealth, gold, corals and unprecedented profits. If employed, you would ultimately get your much awaited and deserving promotion or honour. Most of your undertaking would result in success. There would be a sense of fearlessness within you and you would be able to defeat your enemies. Not only that you would gain from them further. You may also expect ceasefire of your previous quarrels. You would make new friends and enjoy exotic cuisine, nice clothes and other worldly comforts. The relation with opposite sex or with spouse would remain intimate and pleasurable. Children would bring happiness into your life. You would be gained from your maternal uncle, stepmother and siblings.

From 7th to 11th April 2012 Pisces, Meena Rashi you may have to face various obstacles at work front. You need to keep away from bad company, gambling and addiction during this period otherwise your reputation would be damaged. Your fame and respect in the society would be at risk. You would be in the period of contemplating which relation is meaningful and which is not. If you are about to receive any legacies or inheritance then things would get delayed. Your joint ventures would not give desired result to you. if making any plans of mortgaging valuable things and property, then review your thoughts and wait for this time to pass. Some unexpected and unknown problems may arise during these days. It could be also possible that your hurdles come from hidden or secret source. Avoid any conflicts and arguments with people at work place as well as with your spouse’s family, brother’s wife, wife’s brother, children, grand children and siblings. Take good care of your reproductive system, hips and thighs. Mentally you may remain agitated and disturbed. However, you would get a sense of satisfaction in performing some religious or spiritual deeds. Some of you may get the same in charity related works.

April 2012 from 11th to 15th the Pisces Sign horoscope, Meena rashi horoscope your income would increase and also expect financial gains in your ventures. You may recover your past dues and achieve success in struck up deals. People dealing in agriculture may produce more than usual. At personal front you would make new friends or widen your circle. You would be gained from your elder sibling and associations with people as general. There could be some sort of get together with friends or family members. You would get to enjoy delicious food and other worldly comforts. Mentally you would remain relaxed and happy.

15th to 18th of April 2012 for the Pisces sign, meena rashi horoscope would bring an increase in your expenditure and further may disturb your financial graph. You would be tempted towards superfluous or over spending. Think before you take forward your plans for investment as you may suffer loss in your ventures. Maintain a pleasant relation with employer, superiors or seniors in your respective field of work. Stay away from any conflicts, arguments and disagreement with them and same should be followed at home front too. This is the time when people may go against you and become your enemies, so do not be impulsive in your behaviour. You may get carried away with power and position of authority and might get attracted towards unjust deeds. Take care of your eyes and feet as they are susceptible to infection during these days.

April 2012 18th to 20th Pisces Sign, Meena Rashi would bring results depending on your own activities. It would be wise to keep a control on your speech while dealing with people around you. Your insensitive behaviour may create enemies within your circle. Do not be too sensitive in your behaviour. If you do not control your own self then you might get associated with bad companies as a result you may face accusation. Take advantage of your knowledge and experience to deal with your glitches. Be flexible in any last minutes change of things at workplace or in your plans. Some obstacles may crop up related to your travel. However, you are not denied of delicious food which would come more easily than usual. Various kinds of worldly comforts, good clothes, perfume and intimate relation with opposite sex would bring happiness into your life.

From 20th to 23rd Pisces sign horoscope, Meena Rashi horoscope your increased income would be accompanied by rise in expenditures. Some of you might have to face setbacks in your trade or business. You would feel being cheated and anxieties for no apparent reasons. As a result it would be difficult to deal with ordinary affairs of your life. You may get irritated with near and dear ones and especially with your parental family and your own family. It would be wise to keep a control on your tongue and speech during these days. You would be susceptible to pain in eyes and headache. Pay attention to your every part of face and neck, internal as well as external. Mentally you may remain tired and fatigued and would not be able to enjoy your food as usually you do. However, you would be inclined to spirituality and religious works.

April 2012 23rd to 25th for Pisces Sign, Meena Rashi would bring auspicious results. Your economic condition would get better and monetary gain would bring smile on your face. Professionally you would do good and rise in position. People in the field of computer skills, writing, music, art and communicative works would especially see improvement, progress and success. Your colleagues and siblings would be helpful. Socially this period would bring respect and honour to you. Students would excel in their respective field of studies. Your interest in religious or spiritual things would increase and activities related to these areas would bring happiness to you. However, stay away from any arguments and disagreements with anybody whether at workplace or at home.


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