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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vrishchika Rashi April 2012 horoscope, Vrishchika April 2012 Predictions, Scorpio April 2012 Daily Weekly, Vrishchika Rashi, Vrishchik Rasi, Scorpio D

Vrishchika Rashi April 2012 General Predictions / Vrishchika Rashi Rasi Scorpio April 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Scorpio April 2012 Horoscope, Vrishchika rashi horoscope in April 2012

Rahu in Lagna; Sun in 5th H and in 6th H on 13th; Mercury in 4th H on 2nd, Direct on 4th and then in 5th H on 6th; Jupiter in 6th H; Ketu and Venus in 7th H; Mars in 10th H and Retrograde till 14th; Saturn (R) in 12th H.

Detailed Predictions for Scorpio Sign Vrishchika Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Scorpio, Vrishchika

April 2012 1st to 3rd and 25th to 30th April 2012 for Vrishchika Rashi natives, Scorpio Sign Horoscope natives you may have to face obstacle in your daily routine. You would feel troubled due to heavy expenses and monetary challenges. Handle your money carefully as you may suffer loses. You may find it difficult in recovering your past dues and might consider in closing a deal due to obstacles. This is the period when you would easily get wrapped into arguments and conflicts, so maintain an affable relation with your employer or seniors at workplace. Your enemies would keep bothering you. You might have to handle some issues related to your spouse’s family. Your health needs attention especially your external sexual organ, thighs and hips. Some of you may suffer from stomach disorder. Health of your children or grandchildren may also become a cause of concern. However, you would get a sense of satisfaction in performing some religious or spiritual deeds or you may participate in charitable activities.

April 2012 3rd to 7th for Scorpio, Vrishchika horoscope sign would bring mixed results for you. You might have to face disappointments or trouble from your superiors but at the end you would be able to perform better and rise in position. Your circle of friends would get widened and you might make new friends. Your prestige and honour would be restored and would further gain recognition. Financially this would be a fortunate time and you may expect to recover your stuck up money. You would also get opportunities to enjoy a get together with family members or with friends. Various kinds of worldly comforts are also on cards from delicious food to nice clothes and also sensual company of opposite sex but keep a note on what you are eating. At times mentally you may feel tired and exhausted. However, stay away from weapons and do not underestimate your enemies. Take care of your knees and spine during these days.

April 2012 From 7th to 11th the Scorpio, Vrishchika rashi horoscope sign should take extra care regarding your unnecessary financial wastage. A second thought would be required before going for any investment as there are chances of loss. You might lose some valuable things due to your carelessness or your enemies might bring losses for you. Though there are chances that you might travel abroad but you may have to face some trouble during your journey. Stay away from any difference of opinion or conflicts with your superior, employer or anybody at workplace as well as at home. Do not become impulsive in your behavior and carefully deal with people around you. Your health would require utmost care and attention as these days may trigger some serious health problems. Take care of your eyes and feet as well. Stay away from ill-willed person and black magic and do not get involved in unjust deeds or you may face defamation and loss of respect and honour. You are also likely to get carried away by your power and position of authority but maintain your status-quo. However you would share a good relationship with your life partner and might enjoy sensual and pleasurable moments from a hidden or secret source. Mentally you would remain restless and at times confused thus resulting in headache during these days.

April 2012 11th to 13th the Scorpio, Vrishchika Rashi natives would see that your expenses would rise high. You may become extravagance and your spending on unnecessary thing may disturb your economic balance. During this period you need to become and give a second thought while investing your money otherwise you may face losses. Do not become impulsive in your behavior and carefully deal with people around you. An affable relation with your employer, seniors and people in professional circle would be beneficiary. Avoid getting into conflicts and arguments. Your known enemies may be a cause of botheration. You health would require attention especially your eyes and face. Those who have thyroid may go through irregular level. Mentally you may feel exhausted and restless. Keep a control on your speech otherwise it may increase your mental aversion.

13th to 15th April 2012 for Scorpio, Vrishchika rashi natives would bring achievements. You would accomplish your target and get success in your endeavours. There is a possibility of recognition because of your works done. You would remain courageous during this time. Your siblings would be supportive and helpful. Gains are also indicated in respect to your finance, which would increase or you would earn profits in your venture. You would enjoy best of food, nice clothes and close sensual company of opposite sex. Your correspondence and contacts with people would remain pleasant and good. The short time desires would be fulfilled and some of you may go for short trips.

April 2012 15th to 20th for the Scorpio horoscope, Vrishchika Rashi natives regarded as troubled personal life. This would not be a conducive time to become headstrong or opinionated while dealing with friend and family members. Stay away from arguments and conflicts with your mother, children, friends and close family members. They might not be supportive or helpful during these days. Things might get strained in a love relationship. Keep your grief and mental agony at bay and consciously control your temper and speech. Your expenses might rise high and may bring challenging economical condition during these days. Your health would require attention as you are likely to suffer from heat stroke or body heat. Take care of your food habits, chest area and abdomen region as well. Moreover, health of a family member would also be a cause of concern. If you are a student it would be difficult for you to remain focused in your studies.

April 2012 From 20th to 25th for the Scorpio, Vrishchika rashi horoscope natives your economic condition would become better and you might get associated with people in government and politicians which would be beneficial for you. At the same time avoid any arguments with your employer, seniors at workplace and keep away from disputes and litigation. Mentally you may feel tormented sometime but your focus on work and controlled behavior would make things little better. You would be able to defeat your enemies and further gained from them but your colleagues may bring some obstacles. At personal front the relationship with your spouse may get strained. Your wife may suffer from gynecological problems or your husband may suffer from some issues related to internal sexual organ. Some of you may also suffer from unitary tract disorder or other minor diseases. However, you are likely to get honour or recognition from the higher authority in your field of work or from the government.


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