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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Astrology Predictions, Aquarius Sign, Kumbha Rashi Predictions, Kumbh Sign Predictions February 2011

Jupiter in Lagna; Ketu in the 5th H; Sat (r) in the 8th H; Rahu & venus in the 11th H; Sun (til 13th), mercury(till 18th) & Venus(till25th) in the 12th H.

This period will bring success in love and financial condition will improve.

You may expect flow of money which will come from sudden and several sources, foreign, sea voyages and business related to waterways.

If you have children of marriageable age you may plan their marriage with the search of suitable match.

Your spiritual level will increase during this period.

Your expenditure will be high in order to live a comfortable life. You will be mentally disturb and restlessness during this month which might crop up after 18th.

Stay away from the way of your enemies and don’t try to get involved in any kind of arguments and litigations. Keep low profile and doing your own work would be the focus of this month.

Be flexible for some last minute change in plans. You may develop some stomach problems or some discomfort in eyes.

Take care of your feet as well. Look after the health of your spouse & children otherwise there could be life threatening later on.

There could be some temporary or permanent changes in the work place.

Be away from any disagreements and arguments with your seniors, employers, or government departments specially after 15th.

Try to control you anger as far as possible. you may be attracted to addictions, gambling or keeping bad company.

Try to keep your mental balance specially 22nd to 26th and consciously maintain peace at home and work place.

This period may see you spending extra money, you may spend money on good deeds during this period.

You may also spend money on buying electronics and other goods.

This period may also see you spend money on health issues related to you and family.

Your investments may not bear fruit and you may run into losses due to investments and speculation.


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