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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Astrology Predictions, Pisces Sign, Meena Rashi Predictions, Meena Sign Predictions February 2011

Jupiter in the Lagna; Ketu in the 4th H; Sat (r) in the 7th H; Rahu & Ven in the 10th H; Sun, mercury & mars in the 11th H.

This period would require extra care in almost every aspect of your life.

There would be some significant negative results which worry you but avoid any disagreements & arguments with your seniors which might give you a mental agony.

Some of you might find solutions to earlier problems. You need to keep your high spirit and stay calm. Avoid taking loans.

Do not neglect any health problems of your spouse and children or it might become a life threatening later on.

Your personal health also need attention. Be aware of being deceived by your partner if in a joint business.

And also avoid going into any kind of litigations. Some are likely to suffer kidney problem, sex organs or urinary track.

You are likely to get new opportunity in work place which will increase your responsibilities and give more heights.

Take care of your finances and avoid taking loans. The situation will ease after 25th.

There will be some financial gain in the beginning of the month but litigations may cause loss of money specially after 18th. There will be success, promotion or progress and gain from property.

This month may see you gaining financially from all sources. Your investments will bear fruit and you will gain from elders and brothers.

You will see your wishes getting fulfilled.


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