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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Astrology Predictions, Simha Rashi Predictions, Simh Sign Predictions February 2011

Sat(r) in 2nd H; rahu & venus in 5th H; sun, mercury & mars in 6th H; jup in 8th H; Ketu in 9th H.

This period will bring success specially during 1st half of the month. Your enemies will be defeated and you will be victorious , regained in confidence.

Your health will remain good but take care of your food habits from 13th feb onwards otherwise will develop stomach and blood related problems, fever or fatigue.

Avoid any kind of arguments with your seniors, employer as well as your spouse specially between 13th to 18th. You will feel drained out and troubled mentally but avoid being headstrong. There is a good chance of promotion in your work field and sudden financial gains.

You might feel emotionally intense and sensuous towards your beloved.

Specially during 11th to 14th and on 24th & 25th. At the same time avoid any harsh speeches to keep the balance and mental worries at bay. There will be little worry from your mother side, she needs special care between 22nd to 24th.

Also take care of your children from any wounds and maintain there diet. There could be some expenditure related to your children. If you are taking any examination under government department during this time till 25th, then you are likely to be successful. Pay attention to your appearance. This time may bring some travel to foreign land or away from your present inhabitant. Try to maintain your calm during this month.

This month brings good luck for you in various areas. You will have financial gains and will also indulge in romantic activities and outing.

You will win over your enemies there are signs of issues or differences of opinion at workplace but you will come out a winner over your adversaries and competition.

There are high chances of being blessed with children during this month.

You will work hard to achieve your goals and will have extra energy to accomplish the goals.

You may be carrying a sickness from the past, which you will get rid off during this month.


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