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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Astrology Predictions, Karka Rashi Predictions, Kark Sign Predictions February 2011

Sat (r) in 3rd H; rahu & ven in 6th H; sun, mercury & Mars in 7th H; Jup in 9th H; Ketu in 12th H.

At work place you need to be extra careful while speaking to your seniors, try not to challenge them or you will face humiliation and problems. Select words before you speak to your seniors and employer.

This period will be a mixed bag in respect to success in your profession and finances. Even relationship with your partner and neighbours will be a bit strained. Take care of your health, you might come across with blood related problems , stomach, fever or fatigue.

Take care of your spouse health as well. Avoid any disagreements with your spouse which might lead to big quarrels. Maintain a balance relationship with your partner, spouse & children. Control your spending spree to keep a balance between inflow & out flow of finances.

Major decisions in financial matters should be postponed. Be aware of your enemies who might create problems for you. Mental unrest, anxieties and fear may untimely rise to your sexual desires, but hold on to your respect & honour specially on 24th & 25th. Control your anger too which may rise during 1st to 4th; 11th to 14th; 22nd to 24th.

Be cautions of mental unrest during this period. Some of you might meet an interesting person of opposite sex from some other region. You may feel all time high in some religious activities and will do some virtuous deeds. This time is also a time of introspection which will make you spiritually high.

The major period has been running good for you for the past year and you are facing success all around. You have gained financially in the past and the good luck streak continues.

However this month may bring some difference of opinion with your spouse. You may face some opposition at work place or arguments with your friends and relatives.

This period may see you making investments and speculation which may result in negative returns.

You should be careful about your health in the Month of February avoid activities which may put you into risk of injuries.


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