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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kumbha Rashi March 2012 horoscope, Kumbha March 2012 Predictions, Aquarius March 2012 Daily Weekly, Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi, Aquarius Daily

Kumbha Rashi March 2012 General Predictions / Kumbha Rashi Rasi Aquarius March 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Aquarius March 2012 Horoscope, Kumbha rashi horoscope in March 2012

Sun in Lagna till 14th then in 2nd H; Mercury in 2nd H, getting Retrograde on 12th and setting on 14th and Rising on 29th; Jupiter in 3rd H; Venus in 3rd H till 28th then in 4th H; Ketu in 4th H; Mars(R) in 7th H; Sat(R) in 9th H; Rahu in 10th H.

Detailed Predictions for Aquarius Sign Kumbha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Aquarius, Kumbha

March 2012 Aquarius, Kumbha Rashi 1st to 4th and 26th to 31st denotes trouble and difficult time for you. You need to put extra effort at workplace to complete your target and objectives. The success would be hard to achieve. Financially this would not be a smooth period. Your expenses may increase due to wrong indulgence. Avoid taking any loans and disputes related to property. It would be wise to stay away from the company of bad people and unlawful deeds. Though travelling is on cards but it is advisable to avoid it as there would be risk of accident. Mentally you may feel restless and heavily exhausted. You may develop bodily pain or problem related to stomach or digestive system. Your mother’s health would also be a cause of concern. Your children too may suffer from some illness. However, some of you may enjoy materialistic comforts and commodities of pleasure on 28th and 29th.

4th to 8th March 2012 for Kumbha Rashi, Aquarius would certainly bring victory over your enemies and further you would be gained from them. You would able to achieve your desired goals which would bring progress and success in your professional field. In return you might get your due increment or promotion or some sort of houour. The fame and recognition may also come from your society or community. You would find yourself enjoying various materialistic pleasures from delicious food to good clothes, perfumes etc. There would close and sensual moments with opposite sex which would add on to your happiness. However, avoid hypothetical differences with your spouse which might easily crop up between 6th to 8th. Also stay away from any arguments and conflicts during this time otherwise you may develop preventable enmity and would lead to mental anxieties. It would be wise to consider waiting before starting any new ventures, instead review your plans and strategies.

March 2012 8th to 12th for Kumbha, Aquarius would be struggling time. You would find hard to achieve your goals. There would be hurdles at workplace or you may be transferred to another department or place. Even in everyday routine, obstacles would keep you worrying. Mentally you may feel distressed due to many reasons. For some untoward happening is also predicted. Your male child may develop some serious health problem. You too must pay attention to your health related issues. Stay away from any litigations, disputes, immoral deeds or criminal activities. Maintain your status-quo within your community or society. Your expenses would remain high and you would find difficult in controlling your economic balance. However, you would gain a sense of satisfaction while performing some religious or spiritual activities or participating in charitable deeds.

12th to 17th March 2012 for Kumbha, Aquarius would bring mixed results. On one hand financial condition would be beneficial and gainful but other hand you would require constant focus on managing the balance between your earnings and expenses. You are likely to get new opportunities along with higher responsibilities. You would be prone to get involved in immoral deeds but also get the chance to visit pilgrimage. The health of your parents needs attention. Getting together with friends and family would bring happiness. You would enjoy materialistic pleasure, exotic food, good clothes and also corporal closeness with opposite sex. Your happiness and monetary gains might come from a hidden source.

March 17th to 19th 2012 for Kumbha, Aquarius horoscope would be the days of expenses. The rise in this case could be due to extravagant spending or indulging in wrong investments. Think before you take forward your plans as you may incur loss during these days. Keep your relation pleasant at workplace from employer, seniors to subordinates. At home maintain harmony and peace too. Do not get carried away with your power or position of authority. You are at risk of get trapped in unjust deeds which might bring defame or damage your reputation. Pay attention to your health especially to your eyes. Mentally these days would be taxing.

March 2012 19th to 21st for Kumbha, Aquarius Sign denotes happiness and good time when you find yourself enjoying various materialistic comforts. The taste of delicious food would come to you in a most convenient way than usual. You would also get chance to have pleasures of good clothes and perfume. The close company of opposite sex would add on to your happiness. Financially this would be fortunate time. There is a possibility of getting fame and recognition at workplace or within your community. However, avoid being too sensitive in your feelings.

For the Aquarius, Kumbha March 2012 21st to 24th would bring rise in expenditures. You find it difficult to manage your economic balance. Your expected results or profits in trade would seem to be absence and it would be difficult to achieve your targets. You would be at risk of being cheated and might face setbacks. Even you would find it difficult to handle your ordinary affairs smoothly. Keep your frustration under control and if expressed may damage your reputation. Thus consciously uphold an affable relation with people at workplace as well as home. Mentally you would feel less contended.

24th to 26th March 2012 for Kumbha, Aquarius would bring positive results. Your interest in academic, philosophy and literature would increase. You would be recognized for your generosity of speech. You would meet new people and established a friendly relation with them. Even relations with your siblings would be good and supportive during these days. You would overcome all your fear and worries. You would also indulge in good clothes and exotic food. Your colleagues and acquaintances would be cooperative and helpful. Your inclination towards religious or spiritual things would see an increase. However, remember not to exceed your limits or overdo things and stay away from arguments and disagreements.


Anonymous said...

These predictions are spot on. I'm Kumbha rasi, life at work is miserable. Already had that minor accident and health is just recovering from a major illness.

So, the question is, when would this get better? I'm looking for a new job. Should I continue to? when will I land one?

Anonymous said...

When are they updating the April horoscope?

Rathai said...

Thanks for posting this! I have been waiting for this month's predictions. Your work is much appreciated.

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