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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meena Rashi March 2012 horoscope, Meena March 2012 Predictions, Pisces March 2012 Daily Weekly, Meena Rashi, Meen Rasi, Pisces Daily

Meena Rashi March 2012 General Predictions / Meena Rashi Rasi Pisces March 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Pisces March 2012 Horoscope, Meena rashi horoscope in March 2012

Mercury in Lagna, getting Retrograde on 12th and setting on 14th and Rising on 29th; Jupiter in 2nd H; Venus in 2nd H till 28th then in 3rd H; Ketu in 3rd H; Mars(R) in 6th H; Sat(R) in 8th H; Rahu in 9th H; Sun in 12th H till 14th then in Lagna.

Detailed Predictions for Pisces Sign Meena Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Pisces, Meena

For pisces, Meena Rashi for March 2012 1st, 2nd and 26th to 29th would make economic condition stable. Further gain in your venture would bring more capital to you. The new opportunities and successful completion of your projects would give you positive results. You may travel abroad which would be beneficial for you. The business related communication would bring new openings. At the same time it would require more effort and attention. Your colleagues and seniors would be supportive and helpful. Students would excel in their respective field of studies. You may also acquire additional mathematical knowledge. Socially your respect and position would remain good and satisfying. Your religious or spiritual inclination would increase and you may perform some auspicious activities. You may expect some new member in your family. If you have somebody of marriageable age then their marriage might get fixed. However, stay away from arguments and disagreements. There are chances of separation from your siblings.

4th to 6th and 29th to 31st of March 2012 Pisces, Meena horoscope sign would give rise to your expenses which could be due to wasteful spending or indulgence in wrong venture. This might give you a trying time in regards to your economic condition. Your health might create some problems. One of your family member or mother or children may also develop some related issue which would be a cause of concern. Keep your mental equilibrium stable and do not act out of frustration otherwise it may hamper or damage your reputation. Control your speech and refined your language while dealing with people both at workplace and at home. You may have to face obstacles and disappointments in your endeavours. Stay away from any activities which might endanger your respect and honour in the society.

Pisces, Meena for March 2012 6th to 10th would bring victory over your enemies. They would withdraw themselves and you would further gained from them. If you are caught in a court case you may expect the results in favour of you. There would be a sense of fearlessness within you but it is advisable to consider waiting before filing a law suit. It would be wise to review your strategies and plans for future. Anything new to start would not be beneficial for you at this time. However, fiscal gain is not denied. You may expect to clear your previous dues and further gained in your venture. Various kind worldly pleasure, physical comforts, delicious food and good clothes would be your source of happiness. The corporal closeness with opposite sex would add on to your enjoyment. You may also attain honour and respect during these days. Children would bring happiness to you. Mentally you would be must more contended.

10th to 14th March 2012 for Meena rashi horoscope, Pisces Horoscope denotes loss of wealth and trouble time. It would be wise to be away from any kind of addiction, gambling or keeping bad company. You may get involved in sinful or malicious activities. Tight controls of your finance are required during these days and avoid putting your hard earned money in any speculative investment like lottery or in share market. There would be obstacles, ups and downs in your professional field. At times you may feel a sense of achieving success but difficulties may crop up unexpectedly. Keep a pleasant relation with your siblings and avoid getting into arguments with them. This could be a trying time for your parents and siblings. Your health would require attention as you may suffer from minor ailments. Be gentle with your joints. Maintain your respect and honour in the society. Mentally you may develop unnecessary fear and anxieties which might prove taxing on your mind.

March 2012 14th to 19th would bring fulfillments of desires and happiness for Pisces, Meena Rashi horoscope. You would be able to accomplish of objectives and complete your targets in projects at workplace. In turn would see the face of progress and success. You may also expect honour and recognition for the same. Your economic condition would run smoothly and you would achieve fiscal gains. Your financial ventures during these days would give you profits. You would spend quality and enjoyable time with friends and family. This period would bring opportunities of enjoying delicious food, worldly comforts and close company of opposite sex. Mentally you would be much more contended.

From 19th to 21st march 2012 for Meena, Pisces your expenses would rise due to wasteful and unnecessary spending. Think before you invest your hard earn money as you may incur loss. At the same time there is a chance of losing some valuable things because of your carelessness. You may also indulge in unjust deeds or may get carried away with your power and position of authority. Avoid any difference of opinion and arguments with people at home as well at workplace. Do not become impulsive in your nature and deal with them carefully. A feeling of mental restless and distressed would prevail during these days. Your health would require attention and also take care of your eyes as you may develop some infection. Maintain your reputation and position in the society.

Meena, Pisces horoscope for March 2012 21st to 24th would bring a temporary or permanent change of place. There could be difficulties in completing your projects at workplace. Your superior or employer may not be supportive and you may face a ruffle time with them. Keeping a low profile and concentrating on your work would be a good idea during these days. Be careful while speaking to people both at home and workplace. Refine your language while talking and keep away from any litigation and disputes. Though you would get time to enjoy good food, clothes, some materialistic pleasure and close company of opposite sex, but there could be some disagreements crop up between you and your spouse. Your health would need extra attention as you may develop stomach problems, disturbed bowel movement, discomfort in the eyes and heart related problems during this time. It is also advisable to avoid any activities that may prove physically risky.

Your inflow and out flow of money would be equal from 24th to 26th March 2012 for pisces, Meena rashi horoscope. Though you may feel economically sound but rise in expenses would bring worry to you. Real estate or property related investment would be beneficial for you. Mentally you may feel tired and exhausted but you would remain sharp and intellectually motivated. Your spiritual or religious inclination would gain a higher level and activities related to the same would bring peace. Your enemies would prove weaker and you would be gained from them. You are likely to acquire great attire and accessories including precious gems for yourself during these days. Your interest in art and music would increase. You may be also gained from influential person or government authority. However, avoid any kind of arguments at home as well as at workplace and do not express your frustration out otherwise it may damage your reputation. Maintain a limit in everything and doing in excess must be avoided.


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