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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mesha Rashi March 2012 horoscope, Mesha March 2012 Predictions, Aries March 2012 Daily Weekly, Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rasi, Aries Daily

Mesha Rashi March 2012 General Predictions / Mesha Rashi Rasi Aries March 2012 General Predictions

2012 March

Sun in Pisces on 14th

Mercury retrograde on 12th and setting on 14th

Venus in Aries and in Taurus on 28th

Mars in Leo and retrograde

Saturn in Libra

Jupiter in Aries

Rahu in Scorpio

Ketu in Taurus

Planetary Positions for Aries March 2012 Horoscope, Mesha rashi horoscope in March 2012

Position of Moon – Entering Gemini on 2nd; in Cancer on 4th; in Leo on 6th; in Virgo on 8th; in Libra on 10th; in Scorpio on 12th; in Sagittarius on 14th; in Capricorn on 17th; in Aquarius on 19th; in Pisces on 21st; in Aries on 24th; in Taurus on 26th; in Gemini on 29th.

Jupiter in Lagna; Venus in Lagna till 28th then in 2nd H; Ketu in 2nd H; Mars(R) in 5th H; Sat(R) in 7th H; Rahu in 8th H; Sun in 11th H till 14th then in 12th H; Mercury in 12th H, getting Retrograde on 12th and setting on 14th and Rising on 29th.

Detailed Predictions for Aries Sign Mesha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Aries, Mesha

For the Mesha Rashi natives, Aries Sign natives for March 2012 On 1st, 2nd and from 26th to 29th your number of rival is going to increase and hidden enemies cannot be ruled out.

Do not be headstrong otherwise it may affect your relations with people. You would be prone to arguments and disagreements but avoid such situations to maintain harmony at workplace as well as at home. You need to consciously keep your grief, stress and frustration at bay or it might backfire on your image.

Avoid working too hard as it may build up mental and physical fatigue. To keep away from any kind of diseases pay extra attention to your health. Your eyes might create some problem. Keep an eye on your expenses as it might rise high and there is also a possibility of theft. Your carelessness may bring loss in financial matter and avoid taking any loans during these days. The extra attention should be given in maintaining your respect and position in the society and at workplace. You might enjoy material comforts and prosperity from 26th to 29th. Your interest in art and music may also increase. Students may excel in their respective studies during these days.

For the Mesha Rashi natives, Aries Sign natives for March 2012 2nd to 4th and 29th to 31st would bring achievements of your goals. Your wish and desires might get fulfilled which would further give you happiness. Monetarily this period would be fortunate when you would gain wealth. At the same time your expenses may soar. However, you may also clear your past dues and get success in your ventures. Various kinds of worldly comforts, delicious food, good clothes and sensual moments with opposite sex would be your source of enjoyment. There are chances that you may make few new friends too. If you are married try to keep yourself from arguments you’re your spouse. Also avoid getting into any kind of litigation. Overall, this period would be good and you would feel happy in whatever you do and whatever comes to you.

The Mesha Rashi natives /Aries Sign natives for March 2012 4th to 8th mainly denotes problem with your health. There could be some negative results related to your health and hence you required to give utmost care and attention. You would be susceptible to some sort of disorder of your stomach and discomfort in chest. Moreover health of a family member may be a cause of concern and bring worries for you. Your mental agony would be at rise, in spite of that try to avoid any arguments with people around you both at home and at workplace. You may have to face obstacles and disappointments in your undertaking. This is not a conducive time for taking actions and for new and fresh investment. Instead, review your plans and work out your strategies again. Keep a low profile and energize your inner strength. Control and handle your finance properly as you would be at risk of losing your hard earn savings.

Mesha Rashi natives, Aries Sign natives for March 2012 8th to 17th would bring mixed results for you. Good things would be like you are likely to defeat your enemies and further gain from them. There could sudden increase of wealth and you may get unexpected inheritance which could be from lottery or stock exchange. You may invest in gold, bonds and government deposits but not in property. Some journeys would be fruitful but might cause physical strain. You may also win legal cases. However, your expenses would rise and you might find it difficulty in recovering your dues. Your expenditure may increase and bring worries for you. You may undergo from general weakness, stomach problems, discomfort chest, anemia or black circle around your eyes. Be gentle with your joint too. There is also a possibility that you may suffer from diseases of the reproductive organs, small pox, and various sexually transmitted diseases. Though you would enjoy various material comforts from exotic food to good clothes but at times you might feel mentally restless and anguished. This period would be favourable to make new friends of opposite sex and you may spend few sensual moments with them. Avoid disagreements and conflicts with people around you. Any kind of activities that involve risk of your life must be shunned and stay away from corruption and malpractice otherwise you might end up the judiciary. However you may perform some religious or spiritual deeds or may actively participate in charitable activities.

March 2012 Mesha Rashi, Aries Sign natives 17th to 21st would be period for achievements. Whether in monetary aspect or on personal front you would see desires getting fulfilled. You would accomplish you objectives and may get appreciation, honour or due promotion at workplace. Yours stuck up money would get recovered. At home you would participate in re-union or get together of friends and family. You would also enjoy sensual company of opposite sex. Your conjugal life would be happy and if, unmarried you may find a match. Mentally would feel happy and relaxed.

21st to 24th March 2012 Mesha Rashi / Aries Sign horoscope natives would bring heavy expenditures. You need to handle your finance carefully and guard against any loss. Think and verify things before venturing into anything. Organize your previous learning and understand your situations before taking actions. You may find it a hard time with your employer, seniors or business partners. Refine your language and control your vicious tongue during this time. If in trade, you might have to face a few setbacks. Avoid any quarrels and arguments with friends, family and at workplace. Do not get into activities that might put your life at risk. Pay attention to your health as you may suffer from fever, stomach problems and discomfort in your eyes. Some kind of discontentment would prevail and affect your mental peace and harmony during these days.

For the Mesha Rashi natives, Aries Sign natives for March 2012 From 24th to 26th you would achieve success. Your economic condition would see improvement and sail smoothly. Your respect in the society would increase and socially it would be good period when you might meet new people. There would be lot of happening on personal front too. Sensual moments with opposite sex would bring you joy and happiness. You would also get plenty of opportunity to enjoy and would indulge in exotic culinary dishes. During this period you may acquire sensuous material and accessories to enrich your life. You are likely to indulge in clothes, perfumes, cosmetics and vehicles as well. If you are a student, this could prove to be a very good period for you to succeed in your field of learning. Some of you may expect annihilation of enemies. However, do not become too sensitive in your feeling and stay away from any influence that might create negative outburst in you. Your interest towards spirituality and social service may increase during these days.


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