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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mithuna Rashi March 2012 horoscope, Mithuna March 2012 Predictions, Gemini March 2012 Daily Weekly, Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rasi, Gemini Daily

Mithuna Rashi March 2012 General Predictions / Mithuna Rashi Rasi Gemini March 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Gemini March 2012 Horoscope, Mithuna rashi horoscope in March 2012

Mars(R) in 3rd H; Sat(R) in 5th H; Rahu in 6th H; Sun in 9th H till 14th then in 10th H; Mercury in 10th H, getting Retrograde on 12th and setting on 14th and Rising on 29th; Jupiter in 11th H; Venus in 11th H till 28th then in 12th H; Ketu in 12th H.

Detailed Predictions for Gemini Sign Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Gemini, Mithuna

For March 2012 Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Gemini Sign horoscope On 1st, 2nd and from 26th to 29th indicates unnecessary expenditures and wastage of money in extravagance things. You may shuttle from one place to another to achieve success which might bring along expenses. You need to be very careful before investing as you might incur loss. You may also lose some valuable things due to carelessness. There would be increase in number of your rivals. Avoid giving any judgments and stay away from all sorts of litigation. Mentally you may feel disappointed and restless. Avoid unnecessary arguments or difference of opinion as you might develop enmity with your near and dear ones. Take care of your health as you may be ill with from infections. Due to the physical ailment your conjugal life may suffer. Try to stay away from sharp weapons and doubtful people. However, some of you may get opportunity to enjoy worldly pleasures during these days.

March 2012 Mithuna Rashi, Gemini From 3rd to 4th and 29th to 31st denotes fortunate days. Various kind of worldly comforts from delicious food to good clothes perfume and materialistic pleasures would come to you more easily and most convenient way than usually it does. You may get appreciation or honour or your due promotion which would further add happiness in your life. You would see an improvement in your love life and would also get emotional satisfaction. There would be opportunity of enjoying sensual pleasures with opposite sex. However, do not be too sensitive with your feeling more than what is good for you.

2012 March Mithuna Horoscope, Gemini Sign 4th to 6th would bring mental tiredness and rise in expense. You might indulge into wasteful and unnecessary expenditures and incur loss. You would be tempted to get involved into arguments and fights which could be easily avoided otherwise it might damage your reputation. Obstacle may come up at workplace but you must carry on whatever you were doing as this hurdle would be of temporary nature. Physically and mentally you may feel down and may not enjoy your food. Your eyes may create some problem during these days. Discontentment may prevail due to many combined reasons.

For March 2012 Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Gemini Sign horoscope 6th to 12th mainly denotes a waiting time. You need to consider a halt before you go ahead with your ventures. It is a good time when you review your plans and work on your strategies before taking any action. Strengthening your inner energies and will power is what you should be doing during these days. It could be possible that you keep yourself aloof and low profile and may not welcome guests and relatives. For students this would be most difficult time. Your expenditure would remain high and possible loss in financial matter might bring keep you worry. Your economic condition would not be great and you may have to face disappointments in your investments. Although there could be worries due to children but at the same time they would bring happiness too. Keep a watch on your health as your nerve become weak or you may have handle problematic stomach or not so good chest. Mental anxieties or restlessness may increase. Moreover, health of your family member may also bring worries for you.

12th to 17th March 2012 for Gemini, Mithuna Rashi horoscope would bring auspicious results. You would be able to defeat your enemies and may further gain from them. It is also likely that you would expand your friend circle and make new friends especially with opposite sex. Monetarily this would be fortunate time. There are chances of being benefited by your maternal uncle. You may recover your stuck up money and clear your past dues. You would achieve success in your goals and may accomplish your objectives which might bring in appreciation and honour to you. Your source of happiness would be enjoying delicious food, good clothes and sensual moments with somebody special. There could be a feeling of excitement and intellectually challenged while meeting this special person. You would be feeling at peace and tranquility of your mind would be restored.

March 2012 Mithuna horoscope, Gemini 17th to 21st would be a trouble time. There would be obstacles even performing your daily routine. You might have to face some untoward happenings. Monetarily this would bring in challenges for you. It could be possible that find it difficult to recover your dues and may decide to close a profitable deal. Heavy expenditure would add to financial deficit. You need to be very cautious with what you say and avoid any sort of arguments as you would easily get wrapped into such situations. This period demand extra hard work in your profession or in business. There could be health related issues which may disturb you as you would be susceptible to stomach and chest problem. You may also suffer from insomnia and feel tired and lethargic. Keep an eye on your enemies as they might incur loss. However, you would get a sense of satisfaction by performing some religious or spiritual activities or charitable deeds.

21st to 26th March Mithuna Rashi, Gemini would be favourable time for you. You would achieve success in almost every aspect of your life. You may expect progress and even promotion or appreciation at workplace. There would be many opportunities when you get favour from seniors or authorities. Your position in job would be strong and this would be economically beneficial period. Your financial security would become stronger and relief from debts can also be expected. You would remain busy due to heavy workload. However, you would take out time to enjoy materialistic pleasures, delicious food, nice clothes and other worldly comforts. You may also acquire jewels and exotic accessories. Your popularity would increase and your social circle would get widened. You would also enjoy conjugal bliss or sensual moments with opposite sex.


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