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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dhanu Rashi 2012 September horoscope, Dhanu 2012 September Predictions, Sagittarius September 2012 Daily Weekly, Dhanu Rashi, Dhanu Rasi, Sagittarius Daily

Sagittarius Sign / Dhanu Rashi

Dhanu Rashi September 2012 General Predictions / Dhanu Rashi Rasi Sagittarius September 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Sagittarius September 2012 Horoscope, Dhanu rashi horoscope in September 2012

Jupiter and Ketu in 6th H; Venus in 8th  then in 9th H on 28th; Sun in 9th H then in 10th H on 16th; Mercury in 9th H then in 10th H on 13th; Saturn in 11th H; Mars in 11th H then in 12th H on 28th; Rahu in 12thH.

Detailed Predictions for Sagittarius Sign  Dhanu Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Sagittarius, Dhanu

For September 2012 from 1st to 6th and on 29th, 30th for Dhanu Rashi, Sagittarius sign would give rise to your expenses which could be due to wasteful spending or indulgence in wrong venture. This might give you a trying time in regards to your monetary condition. Your health might create some problems or you may develop issues related to your chest and abdomen region. One of your close relatives or mother or children may also develop some health related issue which would be a cause of concern. You have a chance of meeting with an accident during these days. Your non-fulfillment of desire would make you make you mentally upset. Keep your mental equilibrium firm and do not act out of frustration otherwise it may hamper or damage your reputation. Control your speech and refinement of language would be required while dealing with people both at workplace and at home. You may have to face obstacles and disappointments in your endeavours. If you are planning to travel abroad then you might have to face few obstacles before getting the green signal. Stay away from any activities which might endanger your respect and honour in the society.

Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi for September 2012 6th to 11th would bring mixed results. You may face serious problem and arguments at workplace. If you are in business you might undergo a good amount of loss. But at the same time you may expect sudden unanticipated profits. Although number of your enemies would rise but you might come out victorious and further gained from them. It would be wise if you go for conservative investments. Maintain your status quo at place of work which could be at risk and you might face humiliations; get involved in useless discussion and litigations. Try not to take unwanted and long distance travel and there are chances of meeting with an accident. However your health would remain a need for care and attention. You might develop chronic illness related to your organs in abdominal area. You also are likely to suffer from mental unrest, anxieties and fear which would give rise to untimely increase of sexual desires. Avoid any kinds of arguments with your children and younger siblings. Amongst all these ups and downs you are not denied of materialistic comforts from exotic food to good clothes and close sensual encounter of opposite sex.

Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi, September 2012 11th to 16th would be another period of mixed result. There could be blame games and chances of false allegations at workplace. You need to put extra effort to complete your target to avoid disappointing your employer. Avoid any tricky situation and might make you feel humiliated. Financially this would be a difficult time when might face problems in recovering your dues. You may also indulge in unessential spending and waste your funds. Stay away from conflicts and arguments with people at home especially your brother’s wife, wife’s brother, children, grand children and younger siblings. You may feel lethargic and mentally exhausted and may also suffer from insomnia. You might feel yourself under some kind of pressure which would make you worry. Your opinion with friends and family might clash which would leads to fights and discontentment. At the same time you would overcome your previous miseries and attain considerable amount of wealth. Professionally you may get some good results as you might get to meet higher authority. You are likely to share company of beautiful woman and an intimate relation with opposite sex. You may also acquire landed property or get benefits from the same. If you are a student, you would be progressive. However, you might develop some misunderstanding with your mentor, teacher or spiritual leader. In spite of it you might perform some spiritual or religious activities which would give you a sense of satisfaction.

Predictions for Dhanu Rashi, Sagittarius for September 2012 16th to 20th would bring both good and not so good things in your life. You may suffer both gains and losses in your field of work. Trader and businessman may earn profits but also suffer losses at the same time. You may see improvement in your professional field although you have to consider a change. The people in businesses relating to building materials, coal, leather etc. may earn greater profits. Socially your position and respect would move upbeat and you would remain more active but be aware of your enemies. You may also expect some kind of tribute from highest authority. You may feel fearless and an urge to indulge in sinful activities. Expenditures would remain higher than your income and avoid taking loans during this time. At the same time you may expect to have culmination of stuck up deals. Your health would require lot of attention and care especially knees and spine. Your parents might fall sick possibly with a life threatening diseases. Travel is on cards. Differences may crop up between you and your spouse due to mental friction and animosity. Your relationship with friends would be gainful but need to maintain honesty, trust and discipline. However, you would get chances of enjoying worldly comforts, delicious food, good clothes and intimate relation with opposite sex. There is a possibility that you might meet someone interesting from whom you would get favours or gains. 

Dhanu rashi for September 2012, Sagittarius for September 2012 20th to 22nd would be a phase of weighty expenditure and likely to face indebtedness. You would be tempted towards not so required or disproportionate spending. Give a second thought before you take forward your plans for investment as you may suffer loss in your ventures. Maintain a congenial relation with employer, superiors or seniors in your respective field of work. Stay away from any conflicts, arguments and disagreement with them and same should be followed at home front too especially with your father’s brother or step father or family members. Your competitor may increase in numbers and may create obstacles in important works. This is the time when people may go against you and become your enemies, so do not be hasty in your behaviour. You may also feel less spirited and confident. You may get carried away with power and position of authority and might get attracted towards unjust deeds. You may have travel or stay away from home or loved ones. Try to avoid activities that might put your respect and honour in danger. You may also suffer from insomnia and lost in day dreams. At times you may also feel lethargic and jealous of people around. Do not neglect your bodily pain otherwise might be life threatening. Take care of your eyes and feet as they are susceptible to infection during these days.

Dhanu Rashi, Sagittarius for September 2012 22nd to 24th would enjoy various kinds of materialistic pleasures, good clothes, perfume and sensual closeness with opposite sex. It would bring taste of delicious culinary which may come more conveniently than usual. You would get to feel an improvement in your love relationship. You may also expect some sort of admiration or respect from the public or at workplace or in your profession. You are also likely to achieve success in whatever things you do and manage to make wealth during these days. You would be also ensured to spend some quality and satisfying time with your friends and acquaintances. There is a possibility of appreciation from your community which would make you feel honored. Mentally you would remain much contended and peaceful. However, do not become too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you.

September 2012 , Sagittarius, Dhanu Rashi 24th to 26th your expenditures would be raised. Though inflow of money would be there but it would be difficult for you to sustain such resources. You need to limit your expenses. Consciously you are required to stay away from arguments with people at workplace as well as at home. If you do not control your stress and frustration then it might backfire and spoil your reputation. Beware of your enemies and handle them sensibly. This could be a period of temporary obstacles at workplace but stick on whatever you are doing. In spite of hurdles do not work too hard as it may build up your physical or mental exhaustions. At home avoid any conflict with your family and parental family. Any disputes related to property of your parents might cause unhappiness or damage your pride. Try not to trouble your spouse with trivial issues. Take good care of your health and pay attention to any problems related to your eyes, all organs of face and neck. If you have thyroid problem take your medicines on time otherwise it could create problems. Mentally you may remain less contended than usual.

Dhanu rashi predictions for Sagittarius, for September 2012 26th to 29th would be a promising period especially related to your profession and finance. Success would come through new ventures and enterprise. You would able to earn from more than one source and able to clear your past dues. If you are unemployed then you would get lucrative job offers during this time. You may also get profits from land and property. You may also expect rise in position or an increase in pay scale. Your intelligence and ability to handle things would be appreciated. You may also ascend on social ladder. At home front your relationship family members would remain peaceful and happy. You siblings would be supportive and cooperative in this period. Yours communicating and writing skills would be impressive and valued. Various kinds of worldly comforts, delicious food, good clothes and intimate relation with opposite sex would bring happiness into your life. For some travel or short trips are on cards.


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