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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tula Rashi 2012 September horoscope, Tula 2012 September Predictions, Libra September 2012 Daily Weekly, Tula Rashi, Tula Rasi, Libra Daily

Libra Sign / Tula Rashi

Tula Rashi September 2012 General Predictions / Tula Rashi Rasi Libra September 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Libra September 2012 Horoscope, Tula rashi horoscope in September 2012

Saturn in Lagna; Mars in Lagna then in 2nd H on 28th; Rahu in 2nd H; Jupiter and Ketu in 8th H; Venus in 10th  then in 11th H on 28th; Sun in 11th H then in 12th H on 16th; Mercury in 11th H then in 12th H on 13th.

Detailed Predictions for Libra Sign  Tula Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Libra, Tula

From September 2012 from 1st to 6th and on 29th, 30th for Tula Rashi, Libra Sign signifies a successful time in terms of monetary gains. There would be some positive changes in your life. It would be termed as a period of victory over your enemies. You may expect to get conquest them and further gains are indicated. You would be able to complete your target and achieve success in your work. Some sort of appreciation and distinction may come your way from your community.  You may also expect gain in your projects. There is a possibility of recovering yours stuck up money during this period. Children would bring bliss in to your life. This period would be phase of attainment of wealth which would make your economic condition stable and flourishing. You would also enjoy all comforts of materialistic world, nice clothes and delicious food. The close and sensual company of opposite sex would further increase your happiness. Your conjugal life would remain satisfactory and you might spend some good times with your spouse. The peace and harmony of your mind would be restored during these days.

Horoscope for Libra, Tula Rashi for September 2012 6th to 11th would bring mixed results. You may get sudden economic benefits. Some of you may consider acquiring landed property. Your work or business would start a new growth but continuous obstruction would make you upset. If you maintain your concentration, focus and stability of mind then would command more respect in your social circle. Handle carefully your finance as you may lose your hard earned money due to lottery or gambling.  You may get involved into some illicit activities during these days which might lead to prosecution. Your enemies would keep bothering you and might try to harm you. In spite of problems you would not be denied of material comforts and happiness. Health issues would need extra care and attention especially external sexual organs, thighs and hips. Avoid taking risk in every possible way. You might defame your reputation because of your own wrong deeds. Sustain an amiable relation with family of your spouse, brother’s wife, wife’s brother children, grand children and younger siblings. You might have to go for long journey. However, you may perform some religious or spiritual activities which would give some sort of satisfaction. You might also get involved in some charitable deeds.

Forecast for Tula Rashi, Libra for September 2012 11th to 16th would give both positive and negative results. Mentally you would remain anguished, restless and agitated. You need to be very careful with any kind of defamation and humiliation in the society but at the same time you may expect to rise in status in some cases. Be cautious in handling your relatives and female friends as there could be silly misunderstanding arise and further add on to your enemies. Avoid getting into any useless discussion with your enemies, arguments with your spouse and sustain mental equilibrium. Though there would be monetary gains but your finances need to be handled carefully. You may expect profits in business and trade. Some unexpected benefits may come your way at workplace from higher authority but at the same time you could face some trouble from authorities of your professional field or government. If you are a woman, be cautious with any conception related problem. You may have to go through abortion, if at all it is applicable. However, avoid taking loans at this point. You may indulge in good food, clothes and merrymakings. At home you also get chance to spend happy occasion especially with your siblings and son’s wife. You may also perform some spiritual constructive deeds which would bring further happiness into your life.

Future predictions for Tula Rashi, Libra Sign for September 2012 16th to 18th would increase your outflow and an added disturbance is indicated of your financial graph. You would be attracted towards unnecessary or over spending. Think before you take forward your plans for investment as you may suffer loss in your undertaking. Maintain a pleasing relation with employer, superiors or seniors in your respective field of work. Stay away from any difference of opinion, arguments and inconsistency with them and same should be followed at home front too especially with your father’s brother or step father. This is the time when people may not be in favour of you and become your enemies, so do not be thoughtless in your behaviour. Keep away from your enemies to avoid any sort humiliation from them. You may get carried away with power and position of authority and might get attracted towards unjust deeds. Stay away from any litigations as it might bring loss of money. Avoid any activities that include physical risks. Pay attention to your health and of family as you may develop fever and stomach discomfort. Take care of your eyes and feet as they are susceptible to infection during these days.

Daily predictions for Tula Rashi, Libra September 2012 from 18th to 20th might prove to be a difficult time in the matter of your profession. It would be hard for you to finish your targets on time. This would not be a conducive time to start with something new. Keep an eye on your enemies as they might try to harm you and create obstacles in your way. Do not become reckless and harsh in your behavior. It would be wise to avoid any arguments and conflicts with your superior, employer and people in government department. Also try to control any impulsive and aggressive behavior. Cut down on your expenses and wasteful spending. You would get ample opportunity to travel to distance land which would make you stay away from your near and dear ones. You would be susceptible to ailments related to blood and stomach. You may also suffer from headache, fatigue and feel unenthusiastic about everything. At times you may feel bewilderment and bouts of depression. Your expression would give an impression of you being pessimistic and unpleasant appearance. Try not to be too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you. Stay away from sharp weapons, fire, poisonous animals and from everything that might risk your life during this time. However, you also get opportunity to enjoy various materialistic pleasures, good clothes, delicious food and close company of opposite sex. Some of you may find improvement in your love relationship.

Tula Rashi, Libra September 2012 from 20th to 22nd your expenses would go above your expectation which could be due to an unknown or unrevealed source.  You may become overgenerous and spend on worthless things which would disturb your economic stability. Avoid disputes relating to property owned by your parents as this may cause unhappiness or hit your arrogance. Stay away from litigation and issues related to judiciary. A jovial relation with your employer, seniors and people in professional circle would be beneficiary. Avoid getting into conflicts and arguments. Your known enemies may secretly try to harm you. You might secretly focus in writing and speech projects. However, do not work too hard as it may build up your physical and mental exhaustions. You may also face some temporary hurdles at workplace but do not worry and carry on with whatever you are doing. You health would require attention especially your eyes, face and neck. Those who have thyroid may go through irregular level. Mentally you may feel agitated and less contended.

September 2012, Tula Rashi, Libra horoscope sign 22nd to 24th would be a fortunate period especially related to your profession and finance. Success would come through new ventures and all your endeavours. You would able to earn from more than one source and may expect to clear your past dues. If you are unemployed then you would get lucrative job offers during this time. You may also get profits from land and property. Employed natives may expect rise in position or pay scale. Your intelligence and ability to handle things would be appreciated. You may also climb up on social ladder. At home front your relationship family members would remain peaceful and happy. You siblings would be supportive and cooperative in this period. Yours communicating and writing skills would be impressive and valued. Various kinds of worldly comforts, delicious food, good clothes and intimate relation with opposite sex would bring happiness into your life. For some travel or short trips are on cards.

Tula, Libra, September 2012 24th to 29th would give increase your expenses which could be due to extravagant spending or indulgence in wrong venture. This might give you a trying time in regards to your monetary stability. Your health might create some problems or you may develop issues related to your chest and abdomen region. One of your close relatives or mother or children may also develop some health related issue which would be a cause of concern. You might face with an accident during these days. Keep your mental equilibrium firm and do not act out of frustration otherwise it may hamper or damage your reputation. Your desires might not get fulfilled due to which you might remain upset and morose. Control your speech and refinement of language would be required while dealing with people both at workplace and at home. You may have to face obstacles and disappointments in your endeavours. Stay away from any activities which might endanger your respect and honour in the society.


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