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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vrishabha Rashi 2012 September horoscope, Vrishabha 2012 September Predictions, Taurus September 2012 Daily Weekly, Vrishabha Rashi, Vrishabha Rasi, Taurus Daily

Taurus Sign / Vrishabha Rashi
Vrishabha Rashi September 2012 General Predictions / Vrishabha Rashi Rasi Taurus September 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Taurus September 2012 Horoscope, Vrishabha rashi horoscope in September 2012

Jupiter and Ketu in Lagna; Venus in 3rd H then in 4th H on 28th; Sun in 4th H then in 5th H on 16th; Mercury in 4th H then in 5th H on 13th; Saturn in 6th H; Mars in 6th H then in 7th H on 28th; Rahu in 7th H.

Detailed Predictions for Taurus Sign  Vrishabha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Taurus, Vrishabha

For September 2012 for the Taurus Sign, Vrishabha Rashi the predictions are as 1st to 4th and 26th to 30th would be a hopeful period in terms of money matters and material gains. There could be unanticipated income in whatever business or profession you are in and also get opening for supplementary gains. If you are in job your status would be promoted to a higher authority. Some of you may get exclusive compensation or honor or your work would be appreciated. Socially you may enjoy an upright and superior position. Your friends, elder sibling or son’s wife would be cooperative and kindhearted. You may also look forward to some sort of gains from them. Your relationship with opposite sex would be congenial or you might spend some sensual moments with your beloved. There are chances of family reunion or get together with friends. This time would bring the opportunity to have delicious food and enjoyment of worldly comfort at home.You would be able to achieve your target and attain your desired results at workplace. There could be new or auspicious ceremony at home. Mentally you would joyful and relaxed. However, if you are a woman, be watchful and avoid any conception related problem. This time may see you going through an abortion if at all relevant.

September 2012 from 4th to 6th for Vrishabha Rashi, Taurus Sign natives may increase your outflow of funds and further disturb your economical condition. You would be attracted towards unnecessary or over spending. Give a second thought before you take forward your plans for investment as you may suffer loss in your ventures. Maintain a pleasurable relation with employer, superiors or seniors in your respective field of work. Stay away from any difference of opinion, arguments and inconsistency with them and same should be followed at home front too especially with your father’s brother or step father. This is the time when people may not be favouring of you and become enemies, so do not be insensitive in your behaviour. At times you may feel jealous of people and develop lethargic attitude. You may get carried away with power and position of authority and might get attracted towards unjust deeds. You may find delays in getting results of your efforts at workplace or in whatever you do. Do not be reckless and impulsive in your behaviour. Take care of your eyes and feet as they are susceptible to infection during these days.

6th to 9th of September 2012 for Taurus, Vrishabha Rashi would bring both positive and negative results. You may suffer loss in business or while investing your capital. Avoid taking loans during these days. You expenses would rise high and it would be difficult to save money. You might also fall into a tricky position in respect to your finance. If you are an industrialist or business you may end up putting more efforts without any constructive results. Stay away from activities that might defame you. Your health needs attention and care. Mentally you may remain restless, agitated and feel exhausted. You may also become short-tempered. There is a possibility that you might develop headaches. Stay away from activities that might bring negative outburst in you. Though you would widen your circle of friends and spend a quality time with them but be very careful while handling these people. At the same time take precautions when dealing with your family members and your spouse. Keep a control on your speech and think before you speak. Stay away from any conflicts and disagreement with people around you. At this time you might try to show-off things. Your enemies would become more strong and offensive and further may harm you. However, you would get chance to enjoy various worldly comforts, good clothes and close sensual encounter with opposite sex.  Some of you may experience appreciation or honour from your community.

For Vrishabha Rashi, taursu natives from 9th to 11th of September 2012 would bring some temporary obstacle at workplace but do not worry and stick on to whatever you are doing. In spite of this avoid working too hard as it may increase you mental and physical exhaustions. This period would prove to be high on expenditures. Though inflow of funds would be there but it would be difficult for you to sustain such resources. You need to limit your expenses. Consciously you are required to stay away from arguments with people at workplace as well as at home. If you do not control your stress and frustration then it might backfire and spoil your reputation. Beware of your enemies and handle them sensibly. At home avoid any conflict with your family and parental family. Any disputes related to property of your parents might cause unhappiness or damage your pride. Try not to trouble your spouse with trivial issues. Take good care of your health and pay attention to any problems related to your eyes, all organs of face and neck. If you have thyroid problem take your medicines on time otherwise it could create problems. Mentally you may remain less contended than usual.

September 2012 from 11th to 13th for Taurus, Vrishabha denotes happiness and contentment for you. Your financial condition would rise high and further provide you a sense of security. Professionally you would perform well and may expect rise in position. Some sort of recognition or appreciation of your works would make this time happier. Your communication skills and writing abilities would gain momentum and remain satisfactory. You would find an increased interest in creative activities. Your colleagues and acquaintances would be helpful and supportive. You are likely to widen your friends circle and they would further give you warmth in the relation. Your sibling would remain accommodating and kindhearted towards you. Enjoyment of various worldly comforts would increase your happiness and you would experience exotic food, nice clothes and materialistic pleasure. You might also share an intimate relation with opposite sex. Your interest in religious or spiritual things would increase and activities related to these things would make you cheerful. However, for some this could be a tough time especially related to finance as you may incur some loss. Your enemies would create problems and try to stay away from any arguments and conflicts with people around you.

From 13th to 18th of September 2012 for Vrishabha Rashi, Taurus natives would bring a difficult time in sustaining your position at workplace. Avoid any arguments with seniors, employer, mentor and well wishers otherwise you might get into bad books. You might find this time to focus on constructive thoughts which would lead to some kind of addictive nature. You might also have to deal with obstacles at workplace from competitors, authorities or people you have unfriendly relation. This would not be a conducive time for you to be headstrong or opinionated about people around. Try to avoid any situation which might leads to big quarrels with your close relatives, mother, children and younger siblings. Issues related to your children might be a cause of concern. Mentally you may remain anguished, restless and feared which would make you get offended by others. You may have to deal with an unstable mind. Avoid expressing yourself during these days otherwise you may lose goodwill among your friends and children. You may travel during these days which might not be comfortable as you have problems such as lack of food. You also need to take care of eating habits during these days. Your health would require care and attention as you may suffer from body heat or stroke. You may suffer from issues related to chest, lungs, heart or organs of abdominal area. Do not undertake any activities which might be risky. If you are a student, you need to be more focused and determined in studies to avoid any kind of distraction.

September 2012 from 18th to 22nd for Vrishabha Rashi, Taurus sign natives would give you victory over your enemies and further you may be gained from them. It would be also a period of making new friends. This period signifies monetary gains. You may settle your outstanding bills, debts and dues during this time. Professionally it would be a good time where you might accomplish your target and get positive treatment from authority. You may expect to get much awaited promotion or reward at workplace.  If you are caught up in a court case then judgment would go in your favor. You might gain from opposite sex and would also share an intimate relation with them. Various kinds of worldly pleasure, delicious food and good clothes would add on to your happiness. Your pleasures may also come from some hidden sources. Your friends would remain supportive and helpful. However, do not get into any argument with your life-partner and control your anger during this period. The relation with your spouse, 2nd child and younger sibling may get strained which might create a distance. Be careful with your business partners and avoid developing partnership at this time. Restrict your curving for luxurious and pleasurable items. Avoid property related litigations during this time. Take good care of area below your navel, colon and internal sexual organ otherwise health would remain fine. However, some of you may perform charitable deeds during these days.

September 2012 from 22nd to 26th for Taurus, Vrishabha rashi horoscope your day to day life may go through some obstacles. You would feel troubled due to heavy expenses and economic challenges. Handle your money carefully as you may suffer loses. You may find it difficult in recovering your past dues and might consider in closing a deal due to obstacles. Your enemies would keep bothering you. You might have to handle some issues related to your spouse’s family. Do not get wrapped into unnecessary conflicts. You may suffer from insomnia and feel exhausted. Your health needs concentration especially with your external sexual organ, thighs and hips. Some of you may suffer from stomach disorder.  Health of your children or grandchildren may also become a cause of concern. This is the period when you would easily get wrapped into arguments and conflicts, so maintain a pleasant relation with your employer or seniors at workplace. Recklessness and forcefulness needs to be kept under control, do not get carried away with your level of energy. However, you would get a sense of fulfillment in performing some religious or spiritual deeds or you may participate in charitable activities.


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