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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kumbha Rashi 2012 August horoscope, Kumbha 2012 August Predictions, Aquarius August 2012 Daily Weekly, Kumbha Rashi, Kumbha Rasi, Aquarius Daily

Aquarius Forecast / Kumbha Rashi / Kumbh Rashi

Kumbha Rashi August 2012 General Predictions / Kumbha Rashi Rasi Aquarius August 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Aquarius August 2012 Horoscope, Kumbha rashi horoscope in August 2012

Ketu & Jupiter in 4th H; Venus in 5th H; Sun in 6th H and in 7th H on 16th; Mercury in 6th H, Direct on 8th and on 28th in 7th H; Saturn in 81h H then in 9th H on 4th; Mars in 8th H and on 14th in 9th H; Rahu in 10th H.

Detailed Predictions for Aquarius Sign  Kumbha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Aquarius, Kumbha

From August 2012 1st to 3rd and 28th to 30th Kumbha Rashi, Aquarius Sign may increase your overheads and further disturb your financial graph. You would be attracted towards excessive or over spending. Think before you take forward your plans for investment as you may suffer loss in your undertaking. Maintain a pleasing relation with employer, superiors or seniors in your respective field of work. Stay away from any difference of opinion, arguments and discrepancy with them and same should be followed at home front too especially with your father’s brother or step father. This is the time when people may not be in favour of you and become your enemies, so do not be thoughtless in your behaviour. You may get carried away with power and position of authority and might get attracted towards unjust deeds. You may find delays in getting results of your efforts at workplace or in whatever you do. Take care of your eyes and feet as they are susceptible to infection during these days.

From 3rd to 5th and on 30th, 31st August 2012 for Kumbha Rashi, Aquarius would bring taste of exotic culinary which may come more easily than normal. You would enjoy various kinds of materialistic pleasures, good clothes, perfume and proximity with opposite sex. You may also expect some sort of admiration or respect from the public or at workplace. You are also likely to achieve victory and attain wealth during these days. Your enemies would not bother you and things would run smoothly. Mentally you would remain much contended and peaceful. However, do not become too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you.

Aquarius, Kumbha August 2012 5th to 7th your everyday expenditure would remain elevated. You may become lavish in your spending which may upset your fiscal balance. During this period you need to become more cautious with your finances and give a second thought while investing your money otherwise you may face losses. Do not become hasty in your behavior and carefully treat people around you. An affable relation with your employer, seniors and people in professional circle would be beneficiary. Avoid getting into conflicts and arguments or the consequences that may backfire and damage your reputation. Your known enemies may be a cause of botheration. You health would require attention especially your eyes and face. Those who have thyroid may go through irregular level of it. Mentally you may feel fatigued and fidgety. Keep a control on your speech otherwise it may increase your mental loathing.

2012 august 7th to 10th for Kumbha, Aquarius sign achievements would come in your way from whatever you do. You would accomplish your target and get success in your task. There is a possibility of recognition because of your work completed. You would remain courageous during this time. Your siblings would be compassionate and cooperative. Gains are also indicated in respect to your monetary matters, which would increase or you would earn profits in your undertaking. You would enjoy best of food, nice clothes and close intimate relation with opposite sex. Your communication and links with people would remain satisfying and good. The short time requirements would be fulfilled and some of you may go for short trip.

Forecast for Aquarius, Kumbha for august 2012 10th to 15th denotes tough time. You might feel miserable and face interruption in your progress and success. People in business may suffer heavy loss. Your competitors would become powerful and you may lose valuable customers. Financially this would not be a conducive time. Avoid any disputes or litigation related to your property at this time. Traders need to stay away from long term investments. Deliberately stay away from any bad or wrong associations as they might instigate you gets involved in sinful activities or unlawful deeds. Travelling is on cards but guard yourself against any accidents. Maintain a pleasant relation with your mother, children, younger siblings and other close relatives. Mentally you may suffer from anguish and restlessness. Your health would be a cause of concern. Pay attention to any problem related to chest, lungs and heart. Organs of abdominal area may also create problems. You also need to take care of health of your mother.  However, you might share a sensuous relation with opposite sex. Moreover, you would enjoy good food, gorgeous attire and perfumes and your life would be full of happenings. You would also earn good benefits through your education and knowledge.

Kumbha Rasi, Aquarius, August 2012 15th to 19th indicates mixture of positive and negatives happenings. Though progress and stability are there both at work place and in personal life but you need to be very careful while dealing with your superiors or authorities. Try not to challenge them and keep away yourself from arguments and difference of opinion. In spite of obstacle and trouble you would able to achieve your goals and meet your target at workplace. Some of you might face a setback in your professional field. Although you may expect popularity within your social circle but there could be moments when you would find your relationship with neighbour strained. At home be sensible while handling your relation with near and dear ones especially your spouse, children and siblings. Your may need attention and care mainly area below navel, colon and internal sexual organs. You may also suffer from fever, fatigue or blood related problems. Your enemies would be defeated yet avoid getting wrapped into arguments and useless discussions. 

From 19th to 24th of August 2012 for Kumbha Rashi, Aquarius sign would be a difficult time both for your profession and health. You would find it tough to maintain persistence in your field of work. Some of you may lose work due to various reasons. Or you might have to continue working in uncomfortable work environment. You could be attracted towards gambling, immoral activities and bad company during these days and as a result there are chances of imprisonment. You need to curtail your expenses and try to save money for the difficult time. Monetarily it could prove a tough time and it would be difficult in recovering your dues. You might have to take a long distance travel or may face a temporary relocation. Most of the time, you would remain mentally worried and disappointed. You are required to uphold an amiable relation with your spouse’s family, brother’s wife, wife’s brother, children, grand children and siblings. This phase also signifies suffering from minor to major physical ailments. Pay attention to any problems related to your external sexual organ, thighs and hips. You may also suffer from muscle pain and wounds caused by weapon. Do not do anything that would damage your reputation honour and respect with your society. You might perform some religious or spiritual activities but with a conflicting thoughts and actions.

August 2012 from 24th to 28th for Kumbha Rashi, Aquarius Sign would bring varied results. Your inflow of funds may increase which could be sudden. It could also come from several sources including hidden, foreign travel, sea voyage and business relating to the waterways. You would get good and fresh opportunities at workplace which in turn would bring more responsibilities and rights. But at the same time you may have to face difficulties at workplace. Traders and businessmen might suffer losses. Some of you may acquire landed property or might buy or invest in jewelries. You would get to enjoy delicious food and other worldly comforts. If you deal in agriculture, take additional precautions to avoid any losses during this time. Some of you are likely to deem a change of profession or field of work. You might get into conflicts at your work place. You would be also tempted towards immoral deeds during this period. At times your decision making skill may get disturbed. Take care of your health as you may suffer from some kind of problem related to your knee and spine. Your interest in religious and spiritual field would increase and you may also get advantageous help from these disciplines.


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