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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita : Section III Sloka 6: Ayurdaya (Life Span Calculation)

1) Venus, Jupiter and Mercury when placed in Kendra or Trikona give full life to the native.
The above is self explanatory as the placement of benefits in Kendra and Trikona has good results which are documented in each and every classical text.
Placement in Lagna of Benefic Planets has been marked as good and excellent in all classical texts.

2) Venus, Jupiter and Mercury when placed in 2nd, 3rd or 11th Houses give medium life to the native.

This placement of benefics is though good but not excellent. Upchaya stanas 3rd and 11th.
2nd house placement of benefics is important hear as the planets will have full drishti on 8th house the house of longevity.

3) Venus, Jupiter, Mercury when placed in 6th, 8th,12th Houses give short lifespan to the native.

This placement of benefics in dushsthanas (6,8,12) is not at all good for the lifespan of the native.

[To be tested / Verified]: However 8th house placement of benefics should ideally give good results for lifespan as benefics enhance the effects of the house they are posited in. Placement of Malefics in 8th house should reduce lifespan (except saturn as it is ayushkaraka and significator of the 8th house).

Note: To give references from other classical texts here.

Other view is that the lifespan of the native is determined by the strength of the natural benefic planets and they are not strong in the 8th house and hence unable to give full benefic results including increased lifespan.
Views from readers in the comments section would be of great help in deciding the context.

4) Malefic Planets give short life when placed in Kendra or Trikona or 8th, 12th House.

This placement of malefics in Kendra Trikona is not considered good and references are available in almost all classical texts on this.

6th House placement of Malefics is considered good and that is the reason that Malefics in (1,4,7,10 and 5,9 and 8,12) houses are considered bad.

Not Mentioned in sloka: Malefics in house number 2 should also give bad results as malefics aspecting 8th house of life would give bad results for lifespan of the native)

Not Mentioned in Sloka: 3d house placement, as 3rd is the 8th from 8th , placement of malefics in 3rd should also reduce longevity.

Important deductions:

1) Good Placement of Benefics is essential for Longevity
2) Benfic Placement and Drishti on Kendra / Trikona is good for Longevity
3) Malefic Placement and Drishti on Kendra / Trikona is Bad for Longevity
4) Malefic Pacement in 8th House and 12th House (Moksha Sthana) is bad for Longevity. 12th is also kona sthana for 8th.


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