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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita : Section III Sloka 7: Ayurdaya (Life Span Calculation)

1) Benefic Aspects to Lagnesh (Lord of the Ascendant) from benefics posted in Kendra Trikona Increases Longevity else it results in short life and malefic effects on progency, wife and intellect.

This is self explanatory as benefit aspect to Lagnesh is considered good and vice versa in all classical texts.

The benefics become strong in Kendra and Trikona (See Shloka 6) hence strong benefics aspecting the ascendant lord will bring in good results.

Since Lagnesh is the most important planet and significator for almost everything hence malefic results in case there are no benefit aspects are listed which are generic incuding progency, wife and intellect.

2) Benefic Aspects to Lagna and dispositor of the Lagnesh increases Longevity else the above bad results will ensue.

Similar to 1) above here the author is indicating that Lagna and Dispositor of Lagnesh when in benefic aspect increase longevity.

The above two good yogas will also result in good intellect, luck, fame.


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