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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita : Section IV Sloka 1: Planets in Various Houses and Effects

Auspicious Yoga (Raj Yoga)

Planets posited in the following positions in a horoscope are auspicious and give benefic results to the native.

[Not Mentioned in Sloka Note: Benefic results as prescribed in other classical texts would acrue during the Dasa of the planet.]

By Position in a Sign

1. Exaltation Sign
2. Own Sign , MoolTrikona Sign
3. Friendly Sign
4. Vargottama [same sign in Navamsa as in Lagna]

By Position in Houses
1. Trikona Houses
2. Kendra Houses
3. Near Bhav Madhya

By Aspects / Placement with Other Planets

1. Receiving Benefic Aspect
2. Posited with Benefics
3. Posited in between benefics (Shubhkartari Yoga)

By LordShip

1. Kendra and Trikona Lords if having aspect, position relationship cause RajYoga.


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