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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita : Section IV Sloka 5(a): Auspicious Yoga

The following combinations cause Auspicious yoga:

1) Chandra Lagna Lord (Lord of the Rasi where moon is placed), Lagna Navamsha Lord, Lagnesh (Ascendant Lord) - Promotion

2) Lords of 9th House and 10th House from Lagna - Hapiness from Vehicles

3) 5,3,4,7 House Lords - Hapiness from Children

4) 2nd Lord and 11th Lord - Material Gains

The relationships should be: Conjunction, Aspect, Interchange
The planets should be in : Own Sign, Friendly Sign, Exaltation Sign.

Note: Though the 3rd Lord is considered malefic, but seems here the author is referring to 3rd as 11th from 5th and thus hapiness from children. This is a point for further research and discussion.


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