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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita : Section IV Sloka 6: InAuspicious Yoga

The bhavas get afflicted and the native gets ill effects for karakas (significators) of that bhava in case of following conditions (Based on Placement of Bhava Lord):

If the Lord of the Bhava
1) Occupies the 8th House
2) Is astangata (eclipsed by the sun)
3) Is in Debilitation Sign
4) Is In Inimical Sign
5) Is Not aspected by benefics
6) Is Not conjunct with benefics

In case of the above combinations even if the Bhava has benefics posited in it still the good effects of that bhava are nullified.

Note: The above yoga states that the strength and results of a bhava should be judged primarily by the Lord thus benefic planet placement in a bhava does not completely counter the ill effects of the bad placement of the bhava lord.

Important Deduction: Bhava Lord is more important than bhava


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