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Friday, August 7, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita: Section IV : Shloka 11 : Auspicious Yoga

When the Lord of a bhava is placed in the following placements it brings prosperity to the native in a short span of time.

1) When the lord of a bhava is posited in Trikona, Kendra, 3rd, 11th houses.

2) It is in Exaltation, Own Rasi, Own Navamsha, Friendly Sign

3) It is between Strong Benefics

4) The Dispositors of such lords (The lords of Trikona, Kendra, 3rd, 11th
houses) are also in their exaltation or associated / aspected by benefics.

Explanation: The Yoga is self explanatory the upchaya, Kendra and Kona sthana lords being prosperity to the native when well placed. The Dispositors good position and placement is also essential to add strength to the Yoga.


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