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Friday, August 7, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita: Section IV : Shloka 12 : InAuspicious Yoga

Destruction of the significations of a bhava (house) Similar to Shloka 10

While the Shloka 10 dealt with placement in 6,8,12th houses of the lords of a bhava the shloka 12 gives further combinations for destruction of the house significations.

The following combinations are mentioned as destroying the significations of a house, planet:

1) If a house, house lord, significator (karaka) planet are hemmed (in between) malefics

2) Conjunct with Malefics

3) Devoid of Strength

4) No benefic aspect / conjunction

5) 9,4,5,8,12 houses from them have malefics

6) House Navamsha, House Lord Navamsha, Significator Navamsha lords are also placed in Inimical Signs, Debilitation Signs, Astangata (eclipsed by sun), Lost in planetary war

Explanation: The above yoga takes into consideration all aspects of prediction the house, the house lord, the significator, the navamsha lords. Thus a holistic view of a house should be formed to arrive at precise results related to a signification. If from multiple sources the bhava is afflicted then the results will definitely happen if there are benefic aspects associations at various layers then the malefic results will be subdued.

Regarding placement of malefics in 9,4,5,8,12 houses the malefics are only good in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses (upchaya sthana) even 10th house being an upchaya sthana is not bad for malefic placement.


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