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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita: Section IV :Shloka 13 : Auspicious Yoga : Strength of the Bhava

The Bhava gets strengh and auspicious results related to the bhava accrue in case of the following combinations:

1) If a benfic planet occupies own sign, exaltation sign, friendly sign, MoolTrikona Sign, Vargottama Navamsha

2) If a malefic planet occupies a similar position then it also gives good results for the bhava of which it is the lord.

3) If the lord of the bhava, the Dispositor of the Lord, the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the bhava is strong the bhava concerned the results of the bhava are increased.

4) If the Lord of a bhava is placed in a sign with a friendly planet, or in the navamsha rasi of the posited planet is having a friendly planet the artha(wealth) related to the bhava will accrue.

Explanation: Here the connection between the strength of a bhava and its lord is explained. The stronger the bhava lord the stronger is the bhava.


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