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Friday, August 14, 2009

Uttara Kalamrita : Section IV : Sloka 15 : Strength of Planets

In the following conditions the planet loses strength (Bala)
- In Infancy (0-6 degrees in sign)
- Old Age(25-30 degrees in sign)
- Eclipsed by Sun
- Lost in Planetary war
- Benefic planets aspect east during waxing moon period and vice versa
- Malefic planets aspect east during waning moon period and vice versa
- Jupiter is strong aspecting the West
- Saturn is strong when it is not in retrograde motion
- Saturn and Venus are strong even if they are eclipsed by sun
- Mars in strong even in inimical signs

Points to be noted

- The Ascendant denotes East
- Thus benefic planets get strength from 1st to sixth houses
- Thus malefic planets gain strength from from 8th to 12th houses
- Jupiter is strong in the ascendant


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