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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kanya Rashi February 2012 horoscope, Virgo February 2012 Predictions, Virgo February 2012 Daily Weekly, Kanya Rashi, Kany Rasi, Virgo Daily

Kanya Rashi February 2012 General Predictions / Kanya Rashi Rasi Virgo February 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Virgo February 2012 Horoscope, Kanya rashi horoscope in February 2012

Detailed Predictions for Virgo Sign Kanya Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Virgo, Kanya

Virgo Sign horoscope, Kanya Rashi February 2012 From 1st to 3rd and on 28th, 29th you may face obstacle at workplace. you might be overburdened and thus mentally feel tired and lethargic. Your finance needs proper and cautious handlings. Avoid investing your hard ear money in lottery and other speculations. Arguments, disagreements or conflicts must be avoided at any cost at your workplace and home as well especially with your siblings and friends. Your enemy might harm you if you do not keep an eye on them. However, you may perform some religious or spiritual deeds which would give you some sort of satisfaction.

Virgo Sign horoscope, Kanya Rashi 3rd to 8th would bring in achievements any every respect. Your desires would be fulfilled and you may attain wealth . This period would be favourable at workplace as well as at home. Accomplishment of projects might bring in position of authority or respect in the society. You would spend happy and good times with your friends and family. Various kinds of worldly comforts, good food, clothes would bring in more happiness for you. You would also enjoy sensual moments with opposite sex. Your conjugal life would be blissfull and people looking for match may find one.

The Virgo Sign, Kanya rasi You need to take care of your finance and expenditure from 8th to 10th. the loss in your monetary front could be because of your carelessness, unnecessary spending or indulgence in wrong and unjust deeds. This is the right moment for fresh investment instead you need to review and revaluate your plans and strategies. During this time you must energize your inner strength and adopt a waiting approach before taking any actions. Health related issues may crop up and you may develop ailments related to eyes, stomach or feet. Avoid activities that may risk your life. You may also suffer from nightmarish or dream disorder. Maintain a congenial relation with your spouse and at workplace as well.

Virgo Sign horoscope, Kanya Rashi You would taste the best and delicious food which would come to you in a most convenient way from 10th to 12th. Various kinds of physical comforts, good clothes, and other worldly pleasures would make you happy. There would be chances that you may get your share of appreciation and recognition during these days. Your love life would see an improvement and further bring emotional satisfaction. You may also enjoy sensual moments with someone special. However do not be too sensitive with your feeling more than what is good for you during this time.

Virgo Sign horoscope, Kanya Rashi 2012 February From 12th to 14th you may face some problems within your family but at the same there could be expansion of family which could be birth of a child or could be adoption of pets. You might go through some financial difficulties and expenses may rise during these days. Shortage of finance possibly could because o f some heavy investment into property. However you might receive your previous arrears or dues. Be very careful with your words and avoid any arguments during these days otherwise it might backfire on your reputation. You may feel physically and mentally fatigue.

Virgo Sign horoscope, Kanya Rashi 2012 February Your effort would be recognized and rewarded and you would taste of success from 14th to 16th. Your relationship with your life-partner would improve. Various material comforts would bring in more happiness to you. Your business or profession would run smoothly and there would be remarkable improvement in your financial condition. Your confidence and importance would improve. There is a possibility that you might get happiness from a hidden source. You might make new friends or expand your social circle. Sensual pleasure is also indicated during this time.

Virgo Sign horoscope, Kanya Rashi 2012 February 16th to 21st mostly bring health related problem and disappointment in your undertaking. You may have to face obstacles and pass few hurdles in your profession or at workplace. Consciously if you keep your agony and frustration at bay then you might feel less disturb. Keep up your spirit and self-confidence. Your expenses may rise due your wrong indulgence and may suffer loss. Maintain your mental stability, position and respect in the society as well as workplace.

Virgo Sign, Kanya Rasi 2012 February 21st to 26th may give mixed results. On one hand you would find yourself overcoming obstacle easily and have a great time solving problems. But on other hand your relationship with your spouse would go through a rough patch. You might get involved in quarrel with him/her. Stay away from any litigation involving women and with your business partner and life partner as well. Financially you would do well and may easily earn profit but involvement with wicked people and women folks may bring in loss. Take care of your health as well as of your spouse. If your spouse is female she may suffer from gynecological disease, bodily pain and mental anxieties. If your spouse is a male then he might suffer from unitary tract disorder, venereal disorder and other minor problems. However you may see yourself defeating your enemies and making new friends.

The period from 26th to 28th 2012 February for Virgo, kanya mental disturbances and instability but you would be physically fit. Try to control your anger and frustration otherwise it may hamper your peace of mind. Your enemies would not try to face you during these days. Your hard work would be appreciated and you would continue to work harder. Your economic condition would be moderate and you may get some surprise source of income. You may get support from government in some way. Though you would be successful but maintain a cordial relation with your employer, seniors or with business partner. You might easily wrapped into conflicts which needs to be avoided at this phase. You may have to face some obstacles in everyday life. However, you may get inclined towards spirituality and may perform some related deeds which would give you a sense of satisfaction.


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