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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vrishchika Rashi February 2012 horoscope, Scorpio February 2012 Predictions, Scorpio February 2012 Daily Weekly, Vrishchika Rashi, Vrishchik Rasi, Sco

Vrishchika Rashi February 2012 General Predictions / Vrishchika Rashi Rasi Scorpio February 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Scorpio February 2012 Horoscope, Vrishchika rashi horoscope in February 2012

Detailed Predictions for Scorpio Sign Vrishchika Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Scorpio, Vrishchika

Scorpio Sign horoscope, Vrishchika Rashi 2012 February 1st to 8th and on 28th, 29th mainly denotes sufferings. Your health would require utmost care. You may feel physically and mentally fatigue. you may primarily suffer from stomach related problems. There would obstacle in things of day to day life. You may also face problem if you stay away from home. Your relationship with your life partner may get affected during these days. Maintain a proper code of conduct and avoid any arguments especially with your spouse and also with your relatives who may become enemy if not handled properly. Avoid getting into any litigation. Keep a check on your expenditures which may rise and disturb your savings. But some of you may suddenly encounter progress in your business or financial condition. However, you would be inclined to spiritual activities which in return give you a sense of satisfaction.

Scorpio Sign horoscope, Vrishchika Rashi 2012 February 8th to 12th would bring in fortune when you could attain success and achieve your goals. You would be well focused on your aims and objectives. But this is not a conducive time to start something new instead you review your plans and revaluate your strategies. All your energies should be concentrated on building and strengthen your inner self and deepen your relationship. There are possibilities of re-union of family and friends which would bring joy for you. this period would bring along opportunities to have delicious food and comforts of life.

For the Scorpio horoscope, Vrishchika Rashi 12th to 14th February 2012 would be a period when you should force yourself to be focused your interest in life. Do not expect much good things out of life but at the same time do not compare your life with others and do not be depressed. This time would behave like a teacher. For students concentration in studies would be difficult and some of you may lose interest in studies during this period. your financial condition may not be so good as your expenses would be high. Further taking loans would cause you discomforts. Take care of your health as previous ailment may surface during these days. You may also go for a long trip.

Scorpio Sign horoscope, Vrishchika Rashi 2012 February From 14th to 16th you would indulge in materialistic affairs. Your self confidence would increase while dealing with large number of situation which would be challenging. Your relation with your life partner would become colourful and you would get emotional satisfaction. The warmth may be infused further from a hidden or secret relation. There could be fame and recognition may come your way during this time. You could also enjoy delicious food, good clothes and other worldly comforts. However do not become too sensitive in your feeling more than what is good for you.

For the Scorpio Sign horoscope, Vrishchika Rashi 2012 February 16th to 18th would bring along heavy expenditures. Your financial condition may get disturbed due to wasteful spending. You would be required to maintain a low profile and cordial relation with people around. Consciously keep your frustration and grief under control otherwise if you express may damage your reputation. You may feel mentally and physically fatigue. a general feeling of discontentment may prevail and you would not enjoy your food like usually you do.

18th to 21st February 2012 would give you some kind of recognition and you could achieve your desired goals. Your wish would be fulfilled and you may get success in financial matter. You may also expect to clear your past dues. There would be opportunities when you would enjoy best of food, clothes and sensual moments with opposite sex. Happiness would come in whatever you do and whatever comes to you.

For Vrishchika Sign, Scorpio 21st to 26th February 2012 would give few difficulties at workplace. You may get wrapped into arguments with your employer, seniors or well wisher which might bring mental disturbances. It would be difficult to remain focused during these days. Your health needs attention as you may feel sick and lethargic. But at the same time you may see yourself enjoying articles of comforts and happy relation with opposite sex. Some of you may get success in gambling. Someone new may come to your family.

26th to 28th February 2012 for Scorpio, Vrishchika Rashi would bring in good results for you. success and promotion in your job or business would give you confidence. Your economic condition would improve and you may have many source of income although expenditure may increase. Relationship with your spouse would become better and blissful. Your respect in the community would see an increase too. Your enemies would be defeated and you would further gain from them.


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