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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Karka Rashi February 2012 horoscope, Cancer February 2012 Predictions, Cancer February 2012 Daily Weekly, Karka Rashi, Kark Rasi, Cancer Daily

Karka Rashi February 2012 General Predictions / Karka Rashi Rasi Cancer February 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Cancer February 2012 Horoscope, Karka rashi horoscope in February 2012

Detailed Predictions for Cancer Sign Karka Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Cancer, Karka

For the Karka Rashi natives, Cancer Sign Natives February 2012 1st to 3rd and 28th, 29th of this month would bring success in job, business or profession. Promotion and monetary gains are also indicated. This would be a good time to accomplish your ambition. You may start a new project which would require a big investment promising the same or more profits in return. There could be sudden gain of money for most of you. Recovering you stuck up money or wealth is also likely to happen during these days. Your spiritual inclination would increase and you may participate in social ventures and charity. You may get support of your elder brother and may arrange or join a get together of friends and family which would a source of happiness. If, unmarried you may find a good match or your children may decide to get married. You would also enjoy delicious food and mentally you would feel happy and relaxed.

For Karka Rashi, Cancer Sign February 2012 3rd to 6th mainly signifies expenditures. There could be loss of money if you do not think before investing your finance. You may indulge in unjust deeds and may get carried away with your power and position of authority. Mentally you may feel tired and lethargic. You may also develop doubtful attitude and jealousy of people around you. avoid any difference of opinion and arguments with your near and dear ones as you might develop unnecessary enmity. Your health needs attention. Maintain your respect and honour in the society and at workplace.

For Karka Rashi horoscope, Cancer Sign horoscope 6th to 8th February 2012 would bring in enjoyment of delicious food which would come in a most convenient way than it usually does. All sorts of physical comforts, good clothes, perfume and other worldly pleasures would be your source of happiness. There would be an improvement in your love life and you would further get emotional satisfaction. Financially this would be a fortunate time. There are chances that you may experience appreciation from your community or at workplace. However, it would be good if you do not become too sensitive in your feeling.

The Karka rashi, cancer sign From 8th to 10th February 2012 you need to review your plans revaluate your strategies regarding every aspect of life from small to big things. Consciously control your anger otherwise it may damage your reputation. Though obstacle may come but stick to things and apply your experience and intellect. Keep an eye on your unnecessary expenditure or your finance may see some tough time. Physical and mentally you may feel down and less contended than usual.

February 2012 10th to 12th signifies attainment of wealth, achievements of desired goals and success in your financial matters. There is a possibility of some kind of recognition from other during these days. Further, happiness may come from enjoyment of good food, clothes and sensual closeness with opposite sex. Financially this would be a good and fortunate time when you could acquire substantial amount of money and clear you past dues. During this period you would generally feel happy in whatever you do and whatever comes to you.

February 2012 12th 16th Karka Sign, Cancer Sign would be low profile for you. though you would able to use your intellect but peope would not notice and your efforts might go unrecognized. You may have to face turmoil and pressure at workplace which would bring in tension. As a result your relationship with your life partner may get affected. You might have to stay away from your residence. There could situations or event when you would feel humiliated. You would be continuously in fear of losing your job. Your health needs proper care and attention. Moreover health of a family member would be a cause of concern. Students might see serious setbacks and could not take up crucial examination due to ill-health. However, you may acquire wealth and landed property and do not initiate any plans even if you have ready money. Take control of your finance during these days. Try to keep your position and respect in the society and do not do anything which might affect the same.

February 2012 16th to 21st Karka Rashi horoscope, cancer sign would bring victory over your enemies and further gain from them. You may expect to recover your past dues and get financial success and may earn profit. You would get a chance of enjoying best of food, clothes, other worldly comforts and sensual pleasure with opposite sex. Your conjugal life would also give you happiness. Tranquility of mind would be restore and would feel peace of mind.

21st to 26th February 2012 Cancer Sign, Karka rashi mainly gives you mixed results. Your expenditure and issues related to health would bring in problems. You may develop physical ailments like stomach disorder, blood pressure, piles causing you discomfort. Mental anxieties and restlessness would disturb you. avoid taking any loans and handle your finance carefully as you may incur loss. But at the same time you would see a satisfactory profit in business or in your profession. Your siblings would be more cooperative and supportive during these days. Your interest in artistic field would increase and your deeds would get noticed. Moreover, you may perform some religious or spiritual activities or may actively participate in charitable deeds.

February 2012 26th to 28th cancer sign, karka rashi you would achieve success in your job or business. You may also develop a good relation with people in politic or government which would prove to be beneficial in future. Your hard work and dedication would give you success, prestige and honour. But at the same time you may suffer from mental anguish, agitation and restlessness. Your physical health may also disturb. In spite of your good relation do take any loans from them and keep away from any discussion which might leads to big quarrels. If you are a female and if applicable be cautious with conception related problem.


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