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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tula Rashi February 2012 horoscope, Libra February 2012 Predictions, Libra February 2012 Daily Weekly, Tula Rashi, Tula Rasi, Libra Daily

Tula Rashi February 2012 General Predictions / Tula Rashi Rasi Libra February 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Libra February 2012 Horoscope, Tula rashi horoscope in February 2012

Detailed Predictions for Libra Sign Tula Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Libra, Tula

Libra Sign horoscope, Tula Rashi 2012 February 1ST to 6th and on 28th, 29th of this month denotes trouble time. You may have face obstacle in day to day routine. Relationship with your employer and seniors at workplace need to be handled cautiously. Any disagreement or conflicts may hamper your reputation. But there a chances of sudden gain from lottery or shares. your health require attention as you may suffer from bodily pain, fever, rheumatic or joint pain or diseases of reproductive system. Keep yourself away from illicit practice or any litigation. Your expenses may rise and disturb your savings. Mentally you may feel drained out. However, your inclination towards spirituality may increase you may perform some deeds related to the same which would bring a sense of satisfaction.

The Libra Sign horoscope, Tula Rashi 2012 February 6th to 10th would bring you material gains. You would be able to accomplish your previous objective and attain honour and worldly comforts. But before starting something new you should wait, look into your plan once again and revaluate it properly. This is not a conducive time for action instead you work on for energizing your inner strength. At home front you are likely to get involved in some functions with friends and family. Spending good times with someone special would bring you joy and happiness. You would also get opportunities to enjoy delicious food. Monetarily this would be a good time when you would gain wealth.

For Libra Sign horoscope, Tula Rashi 2012 February 10th to 12th is the period when you should take proper care of your finances. You need to give a second thought before you go for any kind of investment as you may incur loss. You could even lose some valuable things due to your carelessness. You may also get tempted towards unjust deeds or may get carried away with power or position of authority. During these days you should carefully deal with people and avoid any difference of opinion or conflicts. You may develop unnecessary enmity with your near and dear ones. You are required to put extra effort in maintaining your respect and honour.

Libra Sign horoscope, Tula Rashi 2012 February Your relationship with your relatives and friends may get affected mainly from 12th to 16th. They might bring in situations where you would feel humiliated. But you would be more popular among mass. This period is good for public domain. You would be courageous and committed yet introvert. You need to control your speech and think before you speak. If you use harsh words it may create trouble. Mentally you may feel tired and lethargic. Do not trust anybody blindly as you may get cheated during this period. There could be tension within family. However, you would move on in life with some initial delays and obstacles. Expenses may rise as you would be tempted on unnecessary spending. At the same time you may expect sudden gains which could possibly from unforeseen or hidden sources. Whatever comes your way but you would not be denied of physical and material comforts.

Libra Sign horoscope, Tula Rashi 2012 February 16th to 18th would give you gains. You may enjoy of achievements of desired goals and accomplishment of your project or objectives. There could be some kind of recognition from others which would add on to your happiness. Attainment of wealth, enjoyment of worldly comforts, good clothes, exotic culinary and sensual moments with opposite sex would be your source of happiness during these days. You would happy in whatever comes to you and whatever you do.

The days from 18th to 23rd February 2012 for Libra, Tula would move around your health which would require utmost care and attention. Any problems related to your stomach, chest or other organ needs to be immediately take care off. Moreover, health of your family member could make you worry. You need to keep your mental agony at bay and do not express your frustration on other as this may damage your reputation. Keep your respect intact at workplace as well as in the society. You may have to face few obstacles in your profession or business which would be otherwise a profitable deal. Keep your finance under control and do not waste it on unnecessary or extravagant things.

For Libra Sign horoscope, Tula Rashi 2012 February 23rd to 28th would bring mixed results. You may expect to defeat your enemies and further gained from them. Your workplace would become a conducive place to work and you would be able to achieve success. Though your expenses would rise high still you would be happy and excited. But at home front you may get into quarrels with your spouse which would give rise to unhappy atmosphere. It would be wise if you avoid any arguments in the family especially with your spouse and also with business partner. This period may give rise to mental unrest, anxieties, fear and untimely sexual desires. Maintain your respect and honour otherwise you may face humiliation, useless discussion and even litigation.


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