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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kumbha Rashi February 2012 horoscope, Aquarius February 2012 Predictions, Aquarius February 2012 Daily Weekly, Kumbha Rashi, Kumbhas Rasi, Aquarius

Kumbha Rashi February 2012 General Predictions / Kumbha Rashi Rasi Aquarius February 2012 General Predictions

Planetary Positions for Aquarius February 2012 Horoscope, Kumbha rashi horoscope in February 2012

Detailed Predictions for Aquarius Sign Kumbha Rashi horoscope, Day Wise, Week Wise predictions for Aquarius, Kumbha

For the Aquarius Sign, Kumbha Rashi natives February 2012 1st to 6th and on 28th to 29th you may face some problem at workplace which might lead to change in job. There would be few difficulties in earning profit even you may think of closing the deal. It could be possible that your hard work would not get appreciated instead your friends may take away the recognition which would make you feel disgusted. Whatever circumstances try to control your grief and frustration and keep mental agony at bay. Your expenses may rise and wrong indulgence may affect your ventures. There are chances of incurring loss thus, carefully handle your finance. Your health needs attention as you may develop problem related to your digestive system or some air borne diseases. Health of your mother may be affected during this period. you may feel mentally exhausted and restless. Try to keep your mental level stable and balance.

For the Capricorn Sign, Makara Rashi natives February 2012 6th to 10th would give you mixed results. You may recover your stuck up money and may also gain wealth. You would win over your enemies and make new friends. Various kind worldly comforts, good food, clothes and closeness with opposite sex would be your source of happiness. But at the same time there could be some hypothetical difference with your spouse which might lead to a greater misunderstanding. If not handled tactfully things might go in wrong direction. You need to be very careful and watchful of your behavior. It would be best time to review your plans instead of taking action. Re-evaluate your strategies while dealing with your business partner. Keep control on your language and refine and reform your words when you speak during these days. Curtail your expenses and control your spending spree and do not become impulsive while investing your money. It would be good if you do not make any new or fresh ventures. Your health may cause some problem due to excess mental worries. Work on to strengthen your inner energies.

From 10th to 14th February 2012 Aquarius, Kumbha Rashi denotes heavy expenses and would bring few difficulties and trouble for you. There could be also some obstacle in your regular day to day routine. You would find it difficult in recovering your past dues. You may feel some fear from government or from higher officers. Avoid arguments or you might get into bad books. You may have to work harder than usual which could be due to extra responsibilities and commitments. Your relationship with your near and dear ones might get strained. Misunderstanding may crop up between you and your father, brother and friends. Your spiritual urge would increase you may become more and more religious. As a result you may perform some religious or spiritual activities or may participate in charitable deeds. You health may suffer from minor problem like muscular pain, sprain and cold diseases.

For the Aquarius Sign, Kumbha Rashi natives February 2012 14th to 18th would give you opportunity to accomplish your objectives at workplace. Your desires would be fulfilled and you would be successful in your ventures. You may also expect honour, promotion and appreciation. Attainment of worldly comforts and material gain would bring more happiness to you. There could be re-unions or get together with your friends and family and your respect in the society would also see a rise during this period.

The Aquarius horoscope, Kumbha Rashi 18th to 21st February 2012 indicates heavy expenditure along with some loss of valuable things which could be because of your own carelessness. You need to give a second thought before you go for any investment as you would be putting your hard earn money in danger. At the same time you must control your spending spree otherwise it would create a hole in your pocket. Be careful with your decision while dealing with people around you as you may be come impulsive in nature. There is a possibility when you may indulge in unjust deeds or get carried away with your power and position of authority. Avoid getting into arguments with people while communicating with them and be careful with your relation as you may tend to develop unnecessary enmity with your relatives.

Aquarius Sign, Kumbha Rashi natives from February 2012 21st to 26th would give you mixed results. You may come across some temporary or permanent change of place and may encounter some difficulties at workplace. you may feel irritated, tired and prone to disagreements. There is a chance of going for a long trip which may not bring desired outcome. You need to put extra effort to complete task at hand. But at the same time you would progress and gain prosperity. Your interest in art and music would increase and you get success in learning and attainment of knowledge. Take advantage of your experience and learning to solve your problems. Many opportunities would come your way to enjoy worldly comforts, material gains, good food, clothes, exotic culinary and physical closeness with opposite sex. However, it would be wise if you curtail your expenses and handle your finance carefully. At times you may feel tired and exhausted and suffer from mental agony. Keep your grief under control and be focused on your aims and objectives.

For Aquarius, Kumbha natives 26th to 28th would bring you few fortunate days when you see yourself achieving success and gaining wealth. Your work would be recognized and appreciated. Your respect and honour in the society would increase in your personal and professional life. You would notice a positive impact in learning, literature and philosophy. You also get to meet new people and enjoy delicious food, clothes, and other worldly pleasures. The close physical company of opposite sex would further add to your happiness. Traveling during this time would be blissful.


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