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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Capricorn Horoscope Predictions 2011 March, Makara Rashi horoscope, Capricorn daily horoscope, Capricorn Love and Compatibility, Makara Rashi Analysis

Capricorn Sign Horoscope / Makara Rashi Planetary Positions for March 2011

Venus in Lagna till 22nd; Sun in 2nd H till 15th; Mars in 2nd H till 25th; Mercury in 2nd H till 6th, in 3rd H till 28th; Mercury is rising on 11th and becoming retrograde on 30th; Jupiter in 3rd H and becoming combust on 28th; Ketu in 6th H; Saturn (R) in 9th H; Rahu in 12th H.

Capricorn Sign Horoscope / Makara Rashi General Predictions

For the Capricorn Horoscope Sign Natives, Makara Rashi natives this month mostly signifies material and sensual comforts for you. Though there will be an absence of profits and decline in wealth till 15th of March 2011 but things will become good and you will encounter a considerable amount of progress and success in the second half of the month.

Capricorn Sign Horoscope / Makara Rashi Profession and Finance

You will experience a heightened ability to resolve problems and overcome obstacles after 15th. There will be financial gains and you will be respected and appreciated. Take care of your wealth and focus on the safety of your valuables mainly before 25th of March 2011.

The Capricorn Sign Natives, Makara Rashi Horoscope natives should keep away from arguments and negative feeling of jealousy. Avoid quarrels with your family and dear ones. You might go through some rough phase with your seniors & employer which might crop up after 11th and further leads to difference of opinion and misunderstandings.

You may get opportunity to earn extra but there will be obstruction in achieving it. Avoid any kind of litigation, criminal and immoral deeds otherwise may end up in judiciary.

Guard  against any loss in trade and professional field which will create mental worries between 13th to 15th; 17th to 19th & 25th to 28th.

Capricorn Sign Horoscope / Makara Rashi Health

You may suffer from depression and troubled in recollecting some facts, mental stress and unexpected hassles in your endeavours Possibilities of change in residence cannot be denied.

Capricorn Sign  Horoscope/ Makara Rashi Horoscope Relationships, Love and Compatibility

Maintain a good rapport with your near and dear ones as they may also oppose you when you least expect it.

Capricorn Sign, Makara Rashi natives are likely to lose a friend or relative at this time. On the other hand some of you may perform some auspicious deeds and consider marriage during this month but you are advised to consider it before 28th.   

If eligible some of you might find a perfect match for yourself. There will be an increase in your economic status and you will enjoy company of opposite sex.


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