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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Gemini, Mithuna Rashi Horoscope April 2011, Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Mithun / Mithuna Rashi daily horoscope, Gemini Love and Compatibility

Planetary Position for Gemini Sign, Mithuna Rashi Horsocope for April 2011

Ketu in Lagna; Saturn (r) in 4th H; Rahu in 7th H; Venus in 9th H till 16th April 2011. Mars in 10th H; Jupiter in 10th H and rising on 26th; Sun in 10th H till 14th April 2011. Mercury in 10th, Combust on 1st April Retrograde on 2nd April Rising on 21st April and Direct on 23rd April.

The Gemini, Mithuna Rashi horoscope natives have been seeing some disturbances in professional and home life for the past some time.

This month will bring some disturbances in the rhythm of your life. There will be some ruffled time and you might develop some negative thinking. You may start disliking your job and may face wrath of your bosses and higher authority.

Gemini, Mithuna / Mithun Rashi / Rasi Horoscope for April 2011 Profession and Finance

Since the Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives are having negative aspects to profession and also home life you should make conscious effort to avoid arguments with your seniors and authorities.

You might get transferred to a distance place. Take care of your finances and keep them in some safer place. You may also feel mental fear and anguish.

You might go for a new wardrobe but control unnecessary expenditure at least till 16th. Your interest in artistic field would increase in the first half of the month. You might get a mentor to take you forward on spiritual path.

For the Gemini Sign, Mithuna Rashi horoscope natives this time also denotes some gain, success, and progress before 14th April 2011 and some unexpected benefits after 14th. You will be successful in your endeavours at the end. However never under estimate your enemies and stay away from weapons. 4th to 7th denotes some success and monetary gains, company of good friends.

Avoid differences of opinions and carelessness specially on 7th to 9th. Keep away from unnecessary arguments at work place as well as at home on 20th to 22nd & 24th to 26th otherwise you will develop mental unrest.

Avoid heavy expenses on 1st, 2nd and from 26th to 29th. However these days have a silver lining to it as you will successfully perform some religious deeds and in charity related things.

You will enjoy achievement of your desired goals and will also expect clearances of your past dues from 14th to 16th April 2011.

The Gemini horoscope, Mithuna Rasi natives on 2nd to 4th & 29th and 30th dates will see accomplishment of your objectives at work place and also might gain in position. These days would be favourable for you and your family would be happy and contended.

Gemini, Mithuna / Mithun Rashi / Rasi Horoscope for April 2011 Health, Vitality and wellness

Take care of your health. 18th to 20th would bring some mental unrest due to non fulfillment of desire and possibly go through a few obstacles. There could be some problem in stomach.

The Gemini Sign, Mithuna Rasi Natives should try to keep your mental balance and equilibrium on 16th, 17th & 18th. expenses may soar and wrong indulgence may affect your ventures. Hold on to your self-confidence.

Take care of your eyes & throat.

Between 11th to 14th April 2011 you may feel tired and physically down. Take care of your eye problems during these days.

Keep away from any kind of litigation to avoid humiliation & defamation. Maintain calm of mind as you are vulnerable to develop mental anguish & restlessness.

Gemini, Mithuna / Mithun Rashi / Rasi Horoscope for April 2011 Love, Relationships, Family, Friends

Gemini Sign, Mithuna Rashi natives should avoid any unpleasant situation with your family or you may end up creating some new enemies. Be aware of hidden enemies too. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your friends & family and also avoid any quarrels with your spouse.

You conjugal life will see some happy moments with your spouse during 9th to 11th but avoid any kind of arguments & quarrels.

The Gemini Sign horoscope, Mithuna Rashi natives are susceptible to get involved into an illicit affair during this period.


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