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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi May 2011 Horoscope Predictions, Kumbha Rashi horoscope, Kumbha daily horoscope, Kumbha / Aquarius Love

Planetary Position Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi May 2011 Predictions. Aquarius Horoscope May 2011

Mars in 3rd H from 3rd and rising on 16th May 2011; Jupiter in 3rd H from 8th May 2011; Venus in 2nd H till 11th May 2011 and then in 3rd H; Sun in 3rd H till 15th May 2011 and then in 4th H; Mercury in 2nd H till 11th May 2011 and then in 3rd H after that entering 4th H on 30th May 2011 and becoming combust; Saturn (r) in 8th H; Ketu in 5th H; Rahu in 11th H.

Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi May 2011, Aquarius Horoscope 2011 General Predictions

The Kumbha Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius Natives have been facing some sudden issues which may be bothering them and leading them into depressive tendencies. The Situation from financial perspective would be though better.

Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi May 2011, Aquarius Horoscope 2011 Finance, Business, Wealth, Profession

During the first half of the month your career is likely to progress with an increased recognition from the employer or authorities.

For Kumbha, Kumbh Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius horoscope natives here is an increased chance for promotion or better employment. You would gain financially also. But in the second half of the month there would be a decline in your present social status and difficulty in maintaining your position at the workplace.

It would be better to avoid any arguments with your seniors, mentors or well wishers during this time.

Kumbha, Kumbh Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius horoscope Your mind may have a hard time staying focused on constructive thoughts, and instead be drawn to find an escape in something of an addictive nature, compensating for its restless state.

On the health front, your mental disturbance may reflect in some physical complaints or even ailments. But at the same time you won’t be deprived of some financial gains.

You may expect the inflow of money, some of which could be sudden, from several sources including foreign travel, sea voyage and business relating to the waterways.

For the Kumbha, Kumbh Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius horoscope natives this month would bring some significant ups and downs into your life. This time also sees you indulging in exotic culinary delights. The period before 11th May 2011 signifies pecuniary gain and growth of income especially to those who deal in precious gems.

This period is also likely to bring in happiness to you in the form of success in learning and attainment of knowledge. But period after 11th May 2011 mostly indicates a rough phase with your superiors.

You may have to be extra careful while dealing with your superiors and employer. Avoid any kind of argument that may lead to differences of opinion and misunderstandings. This month you would find yourself sometimes winning over your enemies and sometimes its they who would be above you.

Whatsoever, stay away from your known enemies and be careful of unknown ones. Handle your finances carefully as money needs extra attention during this period.

Kumbha, Kumbh Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius horoscope be cautious to avoid any loss of wealth. Personally, you are likely to acquire great attire and accessories including precious gems for yourself. Your interest in art and music would increase.

Take care of your finances and curtail expenditure. Health could be a cause of concern. You are likely to develop serious ailments that may be life threatening.

Enjoy the achievement of desired goals and success in your endeavours for days from 1st to 4th & 29th to 31st May 2011, with the possibility of some recognition from others. This period also brings good fortune on the monetary front.

You could expect gains in your venture and may also be able to recover your stuck up money from 11th to 13th May 2011. This period mostly signifies happiness and success in your endeavours. Financially also this could be a good time for you.

The Kumbha, Kumbh Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius horoscope From 13th to 17th May 2011 you may face some monetarily challenging time. Do not get wrapped in unnecessary conflicts with anybody particularly at this time. Health would require your attention too. Keep an eye on your expenditures also from 26th to 29th May 2011 as you may get tempted to spend unnecessary. Be extra careful while dealing with people during these days. Unnecessary fights may come to pass as you tend to get involved in arguments more easily than usual.

Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi May 2011 Aquarius Horoscope 2011 Health and Wellness

You may lose some of your finances due to your carelessness from 21st to 24th May 2011. Health may need attention. Take care of your eyes as they are susceptible to infections, particularly during this phase. Mentally you may become restless and distressed.

The kumbha, Aquarius Rashi rasi natives should take care of their health as you are susceptible to develop problems in the digestive as well as the respiratory system. Be gentle with your joints as well. You may also have to keep an eye on your enemy as you may also incur loss because of them. Avoid any kind of disagreements or fights with your children.

From 4th to 6th & on 31st May 2011 would bring a decline in health may become a cause of concern for you. Moreover, the health of a family member or a relative may worry you during this particular time. Mentally you may feel restless and doubtful of everybody around you. Consciously try to keep grief, unnecessary fear and mental agony at bay. Financially this could be a trying time for you.

Take control of your finances as you may lose some money or may incur loss in your venture especially between 6th to 9th May 2011. Health may need more than the usual attention. Problem of the stomach and airborne diseases may make you feel sick. A feeling of dejection may also make you slack.

Kumbha Rashi, Kumbh Rasi May 2011 Aqurius Horoscope 2011 Love, Romance, Relationships

The Kumbha natives, aquarius rashi natives may also expect some favour from the higher authorities or the government. You would also enjoy company of opposite sex, good & exotic food. You may be attracted to addictions, gambling or keeping bad company. Some may even be imprisoned as a result of keeping bad company.

You may lose your name and fame in society. Your interest towards religion would rise and an auspicious happening may cheer you up as well especially after 11th May 2011, Your interest in religious and spiritual field would increase and you may also get providential help from these disciplines.

Physical comforts of various kinds, nice clothes, perfumes and other desired worldly things will come to you more easily from 24th to 26th May 2011. It’s a good time to enjoy the best of friends and acquaintances, especially friendships with females. Overall few happy days.

Kumbha, Kumbh Rashi, Rasi natives, Aquarius horoscope The period between 17th to 19th May 2011 would bring attainment of goals, financial gains and good times for you. On the more personal front, this period brings you joy, happiness and good times with people of the opposite sex. Family reunions and getting together of old friends is also likely during this time. But at the same time control being too sensitive & over emotional otherwise you may suffer mental agony and quite a bit of unrest.

Again some favourable days come for you between 9th to 11th May 2011. You would enjoy the company of opposite sex. You would also see victory over enemies.

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saurabh said...

worthly written!

Rathai said...

I visit your site regularly. I love your site and please keep up the good work in the future as well. I hope you will sum up the coming year 2012 for us this month or in the beginning of next year. It would be nice to know, especially for us Kumbhas who have gone through a lot the past 2 years and looked forward to this Saturn transit.

Again, I love you site.

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