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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rasi May 2011 Horoscope Predictions, Mesha Rashi horoscope, Mesha daily horoscope, Mesha / Aries Love and Compatibility

Planetary Position Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rashi May 2011 Predictions. Aries Horoscope May 2011

Mars in Lagna from 3rd and rising on 16th ; Jupiter in Lagna from 8th; Venus in 12th H till 11th and then in Lagna; Sun in Lagna till 15th and then in 2nd H; Mercury in 12th H till 11th and then in Lagna after that entering 2nd H on 30th and becoming combust; Saturn (r) in 6th H; Ketu in 3rd H; Rahu in 9th H.

Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rashi May 2011 General Predictions. Aries Horoscope 2011 General Predictions

Some of the planetary changes happening this month may not be good for the Mesha natives, Jupiter transits over your moon sign this month and it is not positive.

Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rashi May 2011 General Predictions. Aries Horoscope 2011 Finance, Business, Wealth, Profession

This month would some rough time in your work place . Avoid disagreements with your seniors, employers and government authorities. You may feel tired and prone to have disagreements.

Mesha rashi, Aries horoscope natives should Keep an eye on your enemies or they might create problems for you. You might get into bad company or with wicked people. Avoid any sorts of bad company or lawsuits. You may also likely to get involved in some sinful activities which would be unacceptable by your religion.

Mesha rashi natives, aries horoscope natives should Put extra efforts to complete task and projects in hand. Keeping a low profile and doing your own tasks should be focus of this month. Make use of you knowledge and experience to solve problems. If dealing in agriculture and trading this period might bring loss specially after 15th.

Mesha rashi, aries horoscope natives can see last minute changes in your plan. They should Keep a control of your expenses. Cut down on urge to spend money. If you are a student, this period may bring some good success in your field of learning mainly after 11th.

Mesha rashi, aries horoscope Keep an eye on your expenses and do not get tempted about unnecessary expenditure mainly on 4th to 6th & on 31st. carefully guard against any mental tendencies to act out of frustrations or stress as they may backfire on your reputation during these days. Physically you may feel down and your eyes may create some problem.

U may enjoy good food and material comforts between 6th to 9th . possibilities of getting success in your endeavours but avoid mental stress or you may feel down. Try to keep your spirit high.

11th to 13th May 2011 would be a mixture of positive & negative things. You may feel disappointed regarding all your undertakings. You may go through some obstacle if planning to go for travel. Take extra care of your finances. health may need extra attention.

13th to 15th May 2011 might bring some fiscal gain but would be in a slower pace as expected by you. You would be able to handle your enemies well. You might make some new friends specially with opposite sex.

15th to 17th May 2011 would be overall a happy period. You would enjoy some exotic food and conjugal bliss. Tranquility of mind would be restored and you would feel more contended.

Mesha rashi natives, aries horoscope should try not to get into any quarrels with anybody between 17th to 19th May 2011. Try to maintain a cordial relation with your seniors and employer at work place. Take care of your digestive and respiratory system. Be gentle with your joints also. Avoid putting your life risk during these days.

Keep an eye on your expenses and avoid any kind of arguments, as these may increase your mental agony and would create disturbances and unrest in your life. These days between 19th to 21st May 2011 also indicate staying away from home.

Period between 21st to 26th May 2011 would bring some ease in monetary front and you may enjoy some material comforts. You could even gain some appreciation at your work place. This period would help you to increase your income. If you are a female be cautious and avoid any conception related problem mainly from 21st to 24th May 2011.

Mesha rashi natives, aries horoscope shoul dTake care of your expenses otherwise there would be a hole in your pocket. At home front avoid going into arguments or you might develop enmity with relatives or with your near & dear ones specially from 26th to 29th May 2011.

Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rashi May 2011 General Predictions. Aries Horoscope 2011 Health and Wellness

Mesha natives, aries horsocoep natives should Avoid activities which are physically risky as you have tendency to meet an accident of fire or of vehicle and would suffer wounds in several spots of body. Take extra care of your children health as well as yours. As you may suffer from stomach pain and windy diseases. You also may suffer from bad dreams and headache. Also might get afflicted by itches or other skin diseases.

Take care of your health specially between 9th to 11th May 2011. You may feel discomfort because of your stomach and chest. You may also feel restless and doubtful on everybody around you.

Mesha Rashi, Mesh Rashi May 2011 General Predictions. Aries Horoscope 2011 Love, Romance, Relationships

The mesha rashi natives, aries horoscope At home front should avoid any arguments and quarrels with your spouse. You would be not so happy and may get irritable with your near and dear ones. This period would also bring travels which might keep you away from your spouse and children. You might get transferred to some unwanted place. You might feel cheated and or experience anxiety with no apparent reasons at all. As a result you might find difficulties in handling ordinary affairs smoothly as you would otherwise do.

The Mesha rashi natives After 11th May 2011 you might get plenty of chances to enjoy some material and sensual comforts which would enrich your life. You may enjoy conjugal bliss and also buy some clothes and spend money on exotic food or on luxury items. In this respect before 11th would be a mixed bag period.

Your conjugal life will get a happy boost from 1st to 4th and 29th to 31st. You might able to clear your old dues and achieve some progress in your work. You would enjoy some physical comforts and worldly desires.


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