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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mithuna Rashi, MIthun Rasi May 2011 Horoscope Predictions, Mithuna Rashi horoscope, Mithuna daily horoscope, Mithuna / Gemini Love

Planetary Position Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rashi May 2011 Predictions. Gemini Horoscope May 2011

Mars in 11th H from 3rd May 2011 and rising on 16th May 2011; Jupiter in 11th H from 8th May 2011. Venus in 10th H till 11th and then in 11th H; Sun in 11th H till 15th May 2011 and then in 12th H; Mercury in 10th H till 11th and then in 11th H after that entering 12th H on 30th May 2011 and becoming combust; Saturn (r) in 4th H; Ketu in Lagna; Rahu in 7th H.

Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rashi May 2011, Gemini Horoscope 2011 General Predictions

The Mithuna rashi natives have been undergoing some tough period owing to the planetary positions with Saturn in 4th house however Jupiter in 11th house will give them financial benefits and result in increase in earnings. Saturn may result in problems related to health and family.

Some of the planets are turning positive this month especially from a financial perspective which will lead to promotions and increase in income and in general satisfaction.

Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rashi May 2011, Gemini Horoscope 2011 Finance, Business, Wealth, Profession

For the Mithuna Rashi natives, the Gemini sign horoscope natives the first half of this month would bring monetary gains for you. There could be rise in your position and some unexpected gains from your seniors or employer. This period also signifies some spiritually constructive deeds at your home.

Your social prestige would see a rise and gain in honour in your neighbourhood. But second half would bring some challenges in respect to finances. it would be hard and difficult to handle your seniors at work place. Thus avoiding arguments & disagreements are advisable also with your friends.

Mithuna natives , the Gemini horoscope natives Your investments and endeavours would bring higher income and more profitable gains this month. You are likely to concentrate on acquisition of material comforts, good food and clothes mainly after 11th May 2011.

Take care of your finances or it may be tricky for some of you. Keep an eye on health of your children. Your eyes and throat could be of concern.

You need to be conscious in avoiding any arguments with your spouse and seniors. Some of you may be transferred to another place during this month. Make efforts to maintain your popularity in society.

For the Mithuna Rashi natives, the Gemini sign horoscope natives a feeling of discontentment would prevail from 9th to 11th May 2011. Carefully guard against your mental tendencies to act out of frustration or it would backfire you. Be extra careful while dealing with people during these days.

15th to 17th May 2011 signifies obstacles. If you are into business and trade you may find few difficulties in a profitable dealing. Take control of your finances.

17th to 19th May 2011 is the time to grab opportunities as you could be successful. These days would also bring fame and recognition in society. You would develop an upper hand while dealing with your enemies.

Mithuna Rashi horoscope natives, the Gemini horoscope You may expect some appreciation at your work place between 26th to 29th May 2011 You may attain some worldly comforts and material gains. This period would be over all favourable and happy.

Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rashi May 2011 Gemini Horoscope 2011 Health and Wellness

Take care of your health, there could be discomfort of eyes, stomach and you may also develop a fever. Keep away from activities that may risk your life and safety should be your first priority. Be contended or you may disturb peace and harmony at home.

For the Mithuna Rashi natives, the Gemini sign horoscope natives Maintain a cordial relation with your seniors at work place mainly between 21st to 24th May 2011. Take care of your health during these days and also between 24th to 26th May 2011. you may develop some stomach problem or with your digestive system and some chest problem too. Your expenses may soar during these days. Mentally you may feel tired and lethargic. Avoid developing anxieties and overburden yourself with emotions.

Take extra care of your health between 13th to 15th. your expenses may soar and your wrong indulgence may affect your ventures. Hold on to your self confidence especially during these days.

Mithuna Rashi, Mithun Rashi May 2011 Gemini Horoscope 2011 Love, Romance, Relationships

Some of you are likely to gain from your siblings during this month. There would be an improvement in your professional as well as day to day life. Your personality would glow reflecting your accomplishments. Your children and siblings would bring more happiness. You may become more soft-spoken and cordial in your behavior.

The Mithuna Rashi natives, the Gemini sign horoscope natives Maintain an equilibrium with your spouse to make things more happier. You would also gain respect in society. You may also enjoy good times with opposite sex. At the same time you may develop some negative thoughts and feeling of wretchedness before 8th.

For the Gemini, Mithuna Rashi natives 19th to 21st May 2011 would bring some good time with your spouse but do not get into any kind of arguments or your happiness may turn into mental agony. Keep your mental balance and tranquility to enjoy some happy time and conjugal bliss.

Your expenses may increase between 4th to 6th & on 31st. you are susceptible to loose some valuable things. Take care of your health during these days. You may get restless and feel distressed.

The Gemini, mithuna natives are susceptible to get involved in an illicit affair with the opposite sex. The health of your spouse may also be the cause of concern during this period. Keep away from all kind of litigation to avoid humiliation and defamation. Be aware of your enemies, they might become strong and offensive. Maintain your calm of mind.

You would enjoy good relations with friends and good food but avoid unpleasant things as you would be sensitive towards developing some mental unrest especially between 6th to 9th. however you would be able to recover some old dues and attain financial gain.

You could expect monetary gain and good fortune in respect to your finances from 11th to 13th. also some good food and closeness with opposite sex. You would feel happy with whatever comes to you.

For the Mithuna Rashi natives, the Gemini sign horoscope natives You may also have bad thoughts and feel the urge to do sinful deeds. Avoid getting in any arguments with your enemies. There could be a death in the family. This period also may bring fatigue and lethargy to you.

Family get together and meeting friends would be your source of enjoyment mainly from 1st to 4th and 29th to 31st. you would enjoy conjugal bliss. These days would be happy and relaxing for you.

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