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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Tula Rashi, Tula Rasi April 2011 Horoscope Predictions, Tula Rashi horoscope, Tula daily horoscope, Tula / libra Love and Compatibility

Planetary Position for Tula Rashi Rasi April 2011, Tula Rashi Horsocope for April 2011, Libra April 2011

Rahu in 3rd H; Venus in 5th H till 16th April 2011. Mars in 6th H; Jupiter in 6th H and rising on 26th; Sun in 6th H till 14th April 2011. Mercury in 6th, Combust on 1st, Retrograde on 2nd, Rising on 21st and Direct on 23rd April 2011. Ketu in 9th H; Saturn (r) in 12th H.

Tula Rashi Rasi April 2011, Tula Rashi Horsocope for April 2011, Libra April 2011 General Predictions

The Tuls rashi natives have been under the influence of Sade Sathi of Saturn for quite some time. Jupiter is transiting over the 6th house. This may result in disease and problems related to profession. However this month of April 2011 provides you betterment as compared to the past few months as other planets are favorably placed.

Tula Rashi Rasi April 2011, Tula Rashi Horsocope for April 2011, Libra April 2011 Finances and profession

This month will bring mixed results for you. On one side you will see a tight financial position and unnecessary wastage of money. On other hand there would be success in every respect of your life. You would overcome your obstacles mainly in the first half of this month.

For Tula Rashi, Libra horoscope natives work will require more attention. It will be difficult to keep up the position & respect at work place. You may expect some gains from various known & unknown sources even may benefited from enemies.

The tula rashi natives may go for some change in your profession or business. You may also see success and improved financial position. You are also likely to win over your enemies. You may also able to ceasefire your previous quarrels. If in court cases the judgment might come in favour of you.

There is some possible chances of promotion too. You would also perform some charitable deeds during this month. Your plan & projects would be successfully accomplished an you would gain from the same.

The Tula rashi natives should Avoid any kind of arguments with your employer. If you are taking any examination undertaking any government department you are likely get success but before 16th.

Financially Tula Rashi natives, Libra natives will find yourself challenged from 7th to 11th. These days would also bring some heavy expenditure. Keep an eye on your enemy as you may incur some loss because of them.

You would feel better health wise during 14th to 16th of this month. You would also achieve your goals and get some financial gains from 16th to 18th. On personal front you would go through some happy time. Desired results also could be achieved on 22nd , 23rd & 24th April 2011. but avoid arguments and quarrels which can get you into some mental unrest.

Tula Rashi Rasi April 2011, Tula Rashi Horsocope for April 2011, Libra April 2011 Health and Wellness

If you are trying to go abroad you may face some obstacles on 29th & 30th. health may require usual attention during these days as well as on 1st & 2nd.

For Tula Rashi natives Health might require real attention, if neglected it might develop into life-threatening position. Travel is on cards but it would be tiring and troubled specially after 14th April 2011.

Your body heat may trouble you during this time.

Your finances and health need attention again between 18th to 20th. Maintain your respect & honour.

Tula Rashi Rasi April 2011, Tula Rashi Horsocope for April 2011, Libra April 2011 Relationships, Love, Romance, Family

The Tula Rashi natives, Libra Natives would enjoy exotic food, conjugal bliss and some good times between 4th to 7th. you would also expect some gains and able to recover your stuck up money.

Relationship would spend sensuous and pleasant time with your beloved but avoid any kind of arguments after 16th with your spouse or this may end up into serious quarrels.


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